Pergola vs Gazebo: What's the Difference?

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, two popular options that often come to mind are pergolas and gazebos. These outdoor structures not only add aesthetic appeal but also serve various practical purposes. If you’re contemplating which one to choose, understanding the difference between pergolas and gazebos is crucial. Let’s delve into the defining […]

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Awning Cleaning: 5 Tips to Preserve the Fabric

At the end of the fall, many patio owners look for tips to clean their custom awning. Look no further: our specialists are pleased to share their expertise with you. Why should you clean your awning? Have you chosen a custom awning? Whether you are the owner of a fixed patio awning or a retractable […]

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outdoor sofa to decorate your patio

5 Trends to Decorate Your Patio

Do you want to decorate your patio in 2022? This year, the trend is bright colours! After spending several months confined between our 4 walls, it’s only natural to seek out the best trends to decorate our outdoor space. Bright colours bring energy and dynamism—just what we need to revitalize ourselves! However, these aren’t the […]

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a commercial winter shelter from Groupe Bellon Prestige

5 Reasons to Have a Commercial Winter Shelter

When the winter season knocks at our doors, buying a commercial winter shelter is a good investment. There are many types of winter awnings to meet the specific needs of merchants. With the help of a winter shelter, various companies protect their entrances and walkways. In addition to high-traffic areas, your shelter can also act […]

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how to clean Sunbrella awnings

How to Clean Sunbrella fabric on Custom Awnings

Do you want to find out how to clean Sunbrella awning fabric? Rest assured: the custom awning specialists from Groupe Bellon Prestige are there to assist you. Sunbrella uses breathable materials in the design of its canvases. They are therefore perfectly suited to cover custom awnings. Sunbrella fabric is capable of offering a perfect shaded […]

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Winter snow removal vs. winter shelters: what is the best solution?

Snow Blower vs. Snow Removal Service vs. Winter Shelters

Which is the most advantageous: winter snow removal service or winter shelters? If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that shoveling is a real chore. No one likes getting up 45 minutes to an hour earlier to remove the pile of snow that has accumulated in front of the car. Winter is […]

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Electric vs propane patio heater

Outdoor Heating Guide: Ethanol Fireplaces and Gas or Electric Heaters

If patio season seems too short to you, don’t hesitate to extend it with an electric or propane patio heater or an ethanol fireplace. One of the main benefits of the patio heater is that you can enjoy your evenings outside for longer. Installed under your custom awning or on your patio, this heating device […]

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landscaping garden

6 Ideas for Your Landscaping

Summer is the perfect time to revise your landscaping. If you’re leafing through home decor magazines for ideas, rest assured: our patio awning and exterior design specialists are here to help you. We’ve examined and identified the 6 most popular trends of 2021. Now let’s discover the must-have patio accessories to prepare for a beautiful […]

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electric or propane patio heater

Electric or Propane Patio Heater?

Having an electric or propane patio heater is an undeniable advantage for patio owners. Extending the summer on your patio becomes child’s play, even when the temperature cools off. Thanks to these outdoor heating devices, you can enjoy pleasant—and above all, comfortable—moments on your patio, even in the fall. If you’re looking for accessories to […]

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