20 June 2022

5 Trends to Decorate Your Patio

Pierre Trudeau

Do you want to decorate your patio in 2022? This year, the trend is bright colours! After spending several months confined between our 4 walls, it’s only natural to seek out the best trends to decorate our outdoor space.

Bright colours bring energy and dynamism—just what we need to revitalize ourselves! However, these aren’t the only trends of the year. Besides adding colours, the choice of accessories and the creation of personalized spaces are essential in 2022.

Our outdoor layout specialists offer you a complete guide to patio decoration. There’s no need to leaf through home decor magazines to find your decoration ideas; we’ve done the research for you.

Now, discover the trends of the moment and have fun transforming your patio!

1. Awnings and shade sails to take your patio to the next level

auvent de terrasse pour décorer ses extérieurs

For homeowners who are lucky enough to have a patio, there’s nothing better to take full advantage of it than installing a custom awning or shade sails. These canvases allow you to stay sheltered from the sun and protect your skin and that of your loved ones.

Shade sails are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and styles, so you can easily match them to your backyard for an optimal layout. As for awnings and garden sheds, they undeniably add value to your patio, in addition to offering you a perfect outdoor room to entertain your guests.

Under an awning, you can easily add a dining space or an outdoor living room. In addition to decorating the patio, you can therefore optimize the potential of your outdoor space! You can also consider buying a patio heater to extend your patio season. This will allow you to stay comfortable outside, even in cool weather.

2. Add a “Zen corner” to decorate your patio

décore d'une terrasse avec un coin zen

For more than 2 years, our way of life has changed enormously. We are no longer spending as much time outdoors, and the home that used to be a soothing place is now a place of work. To relax, our patio layout experts recommend creating a Zen corner.

What’s a Zen corner? This is a space on your patio or in your backyard where relaxation is the ultimate goal. Adding a fountain, a natural pond, a harmonious rock arrangement, or a Japanese garden are good options for arranging this space of your own.

The important thing is that you have your space to get away from the daily grind and where you can find some serenity.

3. Plants are still just as popular in 2022?

Terrasse décorée avec des plantes

Adding plants to your patio will breathe new life into it. Colourful flowers will brighten up this outdoor space by adding some colour to your decor. If you’re not the type of person who has the time to take care of plants, don’t worry. There are many garden plants that need very little maintenance.

Among the solutions that require minimal maintenance, the addition of a plant wall is ideal. This is a practical and economical solution for decorating your patio without having to devote all your free time to taking care of it. Moss walls require virtually no maintenance and are relatively easy to set up.

4. Decorate your patio with colourful accessories!

Accessoires de couleur pour décorer votre exterieur

This year, don’t be afraid to add some colour to your decor! Opt for patio accessories that add cheerfulness and flavour to your patio. The greyness of winter is over, and summer is a dynamic and pleasant season, so it’s important to find these values in your decor!

If you’re a person who is a bit more understated and bright colours aren’t really your style, rest assured: there are other solutions to decorate your patio in a dynamic way without straying from your comfort zone.

For example, using patterns with monochromatic colours, such as navy blue, grey, and white. Add patterns to your awning canvases, cushions, umbrellas, and garden furniture. Groupe Bellon Prestige also offers hundreds of quality fabrics with various colours and patterns.

Don’t hesitate to consult our team to find the ideal way to decorate your patio. We will work with your personality and your budget and offer you solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

5. Decorate your patio with umbrellas

parasol pour décorer une terrasse et les abords d'une piscine

If you don’t have the necessary space to install an awning or shade sails, adding umbrellas is an excellent solution. There’s nothing better than the protection of an umbrella and the comfort of a deck chair to stretch out after a nice swim.

In addition, they aren’t only practical around the pool. Near your outdoor dining area, the umbrella also ensures that you stay protected during your meals. This is therefore a perfect solution for owners of smaller patios and those who have pools.

Where can you find accessories to decorate your patio?

Much like the awning and the shade sail, we recommend buying your accessories from a specialized retailer.

Although you can find awnings and umbrellas at big boxes store, you won’t easily be able to customize them. These standardized options won’t perfectly correspond to your style or your needs in terms of space and configuration.

Specialty stores such as Groupe Bellon Prestige will allow you to personalize all the elements of your umbrellas, from the shape to the colour of the canvas. This lets you integrate them more easily into your decor.

In addition, the custom design means that you will have access to after-sales services such as storage, repair, and cleaning. Your awnings and canvases will therefore have a longer lifespan compared to products found at big box stores. Buying an awning and patio accessories is an investment. It’s best to invest in quality products.

If you need help decorating your patio, don’t hesitate to contact Groupe Bellon Prestige. A landscaping expert from our team will be pleased to guide you through our different accessories.

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