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lettering awning Hotel le Cantlie

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Get noticed !


Get noticed with our commercial awning lettering! Our commercial awning lettering service is offered in several different techniques:

  • Hand painted with some  strong and adherent ink  ;
  • In digital printing
  • In individual letters;

Our awning lettering service allows you to add a personal touch to your item. We offer it in a multitude of colors, calligraphy, design and dimensions. This allows you to identify yourself and stand out. You can also add your logo or the name of your business, your address or even a message you would like to include. You can take advantage of our lettering service on your awning, your canopy, your wall, your banners or your rigid panels.

For all your lettering needs, trust our team. We are able to make your vision a reality.

Digital printing lettering service

We use vinyl ink for our digital printing lettering service. This type of lettering is especially handy in cases where you need a more detailed service. For example, if you have more complex photos and logos, digital printing is a good option.

As a general rule, hand painting is the most commonly used type of lettering because it is the most economical solution  .

Aside from the fact that lettering personalizes your commercial awning, there are many other benefits to using lettering on your awning. Here are some of the benefits of our lettering service:

We offer lettering on any type of awnings and canvasses ;
The lettering also allows to define and develop your brand image;
Your customers will recognize your business more easily with visible lettering;
Good lettering attracts customers and increases traffic to your business;
In addition, the ink used by our awning lettering service is adapted to the 4 seasons. Good weather, bad weather and no matter the temperature, the lettering on your awning stays in place. We use vinyl ink. This type of ink is specifically adapted for your awning’s type of canvas and surface. Thousands of colors are available to give life to your brand, and you have control over the dimension, because our awning lettering service is tailor-made.

We suggest that you submit a quote request online. Afterward, a representative comes on-site to discuss the details of your project. Together, he can advise you on what fabrics to use for your awning. He will then take pictures of the project in place. Our letterer will then make a first drawing of the final project. The drawing is made to scale by our lettering expert.

We also use a flexible ink that does not crack over time, and you can take advantage of help with creating logos, if necessary. We are excited to offer more trendy style suggestions to make your lettering stand out from your competitors. You can also choose from a hundred different calligraphies.

For more information on our awning lettering service, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk to you and try to answer all your questions.

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Tech Sheet

Seasons 4 seasons

Materials Ink, digital printing, individual letters

Models Custom-made

Colors Thousands of available colors

Dimensions Custom

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