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Bellon Prestige Group is the main company that regroups many other ones bought over the years. Dedicated to the protection of people and their goods, they all specialize in the manufacture, the sales and after-sales service. Having more than one hundred and twenty years of experience in the field of awnings, shelters and related products, Bellon Prestige Group stands out from its competitors because of its highly-qualified staff, its devotion to high-quality customized products and its particular attention to customer service. Challenges, teamwork, honesty, excellence, creativity and good quality are all values that reign within the company.

Bellon Prestige Group will always be committed to develop and offer more innovative solutions in all the different markets it serves.

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J.K. Bellon & Co.

It all began in 1895, when shops would spread out their goods on the sidewalk for the purpose of selling them. Having noticed the need for sun protection, Joseph K. Bellon, a Czechoslovak immigrant, decided to open a factory that would take his name, J.K. Bellon & Company, and would manufacture retractable awnings and items made out of canvas.


Canadian awning co. ltd
(Cie d’auvents canadienne ltée)

It was only 40 years later that his son, Georges, introduced the company, now called the Canadian Awning Company, into the business world. By settling down on Ste-Catherine Street and developing many other residential products, it brought the company to another level where they needed to hire twenty craftsmen to meet the production demand. Meanwhile, the visit of King Georges VI, in 1939 more precisely, will increase the volume due to the high numbers of requests made for his appearance in Montreal.


  • Cie Belair Hasting (1940)
  • Cie d’auvents Miller (env. 1942)
  • Cie d’auvents de Montréal (env. 1960)


Bellon Camping & Sport

On that good note, the manufacture needed some expansion. It then moved in the district of Anjou, Montreal, and changed name to Bellon Camping & Sports. Interested in outdoor living, Georges started developing trailer tents while selling sporting goods at the same time. Another good year was to arrive when he got most of the orders for Expo 67. It resulted in an enormous evolution for the company.


  • Blais Marine (1968)


Bellon Industries

It was one year later, in 1968, that Georges’ son, Guy, took over the reins of the third generation. Himself, not being a sports enthusiast, Guy Bellon redirects the company in the productions of awnings and other articles made with canvas. He will then take advantage of this period of time to acquire some other manufactures evolving in the same market such as Auvents des Marchands and others. Bellon Industries, the company name at the time, will relocate to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a district in Montreal, in 1974 and will oversee all of these divisions.


  • Cie auvents des marchands (1978)
  • Canevas Général (1988)
  • Canevas Décor Camping (1990)
  • Galerie du Laiton (1995)
  • Acme auvents Prestige (1997)
  • Brisebois (2005 – 2013)


Finally, it is in 1995 that the fourth generation came about with Carole Bellon, daughter of Guy Bellon. That same year, while modernizing its equipment in order to stay strong in the market, she bought the company “La Galerie du Laiton”. In 1997, she took possession of the company Auvents Prestige, its biggest competitor at the time, and created about 40 jobs to supply for the demand. A year later, in 1998, the factory stayed in the same district but moved on Hochelaga Street in a manufacture 3 times bigger then the one her father owned.

Always wanting to adapt to new trends, the growth of the family manufacture will keep rising due to other acquisitions. In the meantime, Carole Bellon will take a look at different corresponding markets in order to implement new ideas and develop new types of awnings or winter shelters always by maintaining a high-quality product. Shortly after, by seeing a fast evolution in all the companies, in 2013, Mrs. Carole Bellon will go ahead and merge Bellon Industries with Prestige Awnings under the banner of Bellon Prestige Group. In addition, in 2015 and 2016, she will purchase more competitors such as Provincial Awnings and Auvents & Terrasses LaBelle.

Finally, until her retirement in a few years, Carole Bellon accompanied by a strong team of professionals, will always be seaking for new projects and new challenges, not only for her personal pleasure but also for the generation to come. Being very dedicated to her work, it will be easy to pass on her passion to the next generation!


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