Canvas & Awnings repair

Have you considered canvas repair? If you are ready to throw your canvas because you have noticed there are cracks, wait. Sometimes a simple canvas repair is more than enough.

On the other hand, when you discover cracks, loose seams and holes in your canvas, don’t wait for repairs. A small hole will become big and let the sun and the rain in. Before replacing your canvas, don’t hesitate to consult experts in awnings and canvases. They may be able to offer you a repair if it’s possible.

Discover the advantages of the canvas repair and why you should entrust this project to our team.

The benefits of canvas repair

Having a canvas repaired has many benefits. First, it allows you to enjoy your investment longer. A damaged canvas that is repaired can last many more years.

You will also save time. Depending on the size of your canvas and the space to be covered, ordering a custom canvas could take 3 to 5 weeks. Without counting, of course, the time taken to meet a representative, the quick and free quote and meeting with the project manager who will take the official steps for your project. When all these steps are completed, the work can finally begin at our factory.

Even if our service is fast, the repair allows you to take advantage of your awning quicker than a canvas replacement.

Why trust Groupe Bellon Prestige?

Our company possesses over 120 years of experience in manufacturing custom awnings. We have developed valuable expertise and managed situations of all kinds. We are therefore more than qualified to repair canvases, regardless of the type of repair to be performed. Our team is able to find a solution to all your canvas problems.

In addition, our 35,000 square foot factory has space to properly install your canvas on our repair tables. By entrusting us with your canvas repair project, you are sure that this one will be well maintained. 

Our team also offers you numerous related services.  In addition to doing canvas repair, we can also offer cleaning after repair. Our factory has a blower space to remove dust, cobwebs and other dirt that dirties your canvas. The cleaning of the canvas avoids the deterioration and the canvas’s premature aging in addition to stopping the bad odor problems.

For your storage needs, our company also offers a storage service in a heated, secure and insured building.  During storage, we take care of drying, brushing, dusting and inspecting your canvas.

Retractable or fixed awning canvas repair 

To make the most of your summer, don’t wait to have your retractable or fixed awnings canvases repaired. Our team is happy to help you protect yourself from the sun and rain on your patio!

Winter shelter canvas repair

Winter shelters  are very useful for protecting against bad weather in Quebec. If you notice cracks, loose seams or holes in your tempo shelter canvas or any other type of winter shelter, contact us. 

How to repair my canvas?

Here are the steps to follow to get your canvas repaired:

  • Come and bring your canvas to our branch in Montreal. If you have trouble removing your canvas, our seasoned awnings and shelters installers can help you.
  • Once there, you leave us the canvas and our specialists evaluate your canvas in our 35,000 square foot factory. 
  • We send you a quote quickly for the cost of repairs. Depending on your preferences, we may communicate this quote by phone or email.
  • Once the quote is accepted, we begin the repairs.
  • When the repairs are finished, we contact you so that you can take your canvas back.
  • If need be, our installers can also ensure the reinstallation of your canvas.

For any questions regarding our canvas repair service, contact us. An experienced member of our team will take your call with great pleasure. 

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