Smokers shelter

Custom made to fit your space and needs, our smoking shelters are designed to be well ventilated and fireproof if needed.

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Warehouse Shelters

Warehouse shelters, big and bigger, are useful to cover vehicles, equipment and voluminous objects such as boats, farming equipment, salt / gravel / earth pits, snow removal machinery and much more.

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Walkway Shelters

Walkway shelters are typically used to cover narrow surfaces such as fences, walkways, steps, balconies, etc. Custom-made, our walkway shelters can cover any combination of angles and curves. Like any other Bellon winter shelter, they can be connected to any other type of shelter.

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Carport shelters

Carport shelters have one side attached to a building which allows better snow control. They are also useful to create a sheltered area along a building and can be connected to any type of shelter.

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Disabled access shelters

Disabled access shelters are designed to cover any structure or surface that is used by a disabled person during winter. Whether it be an exterior elevator or a wheelchair access ramp, our shelters are safe and expertly designed.

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Temporary Winter Shelter

Don’t worry about snowstorms. With Bellon, you are safe!

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More about our temporary winter shelters

Groupe Bellon Prestige’s commercial winter shelters are designed for winters here! Made to measure, our shelters perfectly fit the dimensions your business as well as the multiple accesses of your commercial space.

We have over 120 years experience designing and manufacturing winter shelters and awnings. Thanks to our team, say goodbye to endless hours of shoveling and grueling winter chores around your business. Now you can protect your customers and employees from the weather with our commercial winter shelters and save on the cost of clearing your entrances.

In addition, all our shelters are designed and manufactured in our factory and can be customized according to your tastes and needs. The structures of our assembled or welded shelters have a lifespan of over ten years. Also, we use thicker fabrics and higher quality materials since these last much longer than those offered by our competitors.

Our installation service is turnkey; so we take care of the installation in the winter and the uninstallation in the spring. You can also store your shelter at our factory, in heated, insured and secured premises. We also offer a cleaning and repair service.

Contact us today to discover all the types of winter shelters offered at Groupe Bellon Prestige and the different ways to combine them to obtain hybrid shelters.

Winter shelters for smokers

Our smoking shelters are well ventilated and flame retardant when needed. Like all our shelters and awnings, they are made to measure according to your space and your needs. Your smoking employees and customers will thank you! You can also customize them with lettering, windows, or other additional accessories.

Warehouse shelters

Our warehouse shelters, large and very large, allow you to protect your equipment, vehicles or other bulky objects. They are ideal for protecting boats, farm machinery, salt, soil and gravel deposits, road vehicles and more.

Temporary winter shelters for car

Our temporary style shelters are perfectly adapted to Quebec winters. They are convenient for protecting your employees or customers cars against the snow. They can also be combined with other types of shelters and customized according to your needs.

Walkway shelters

Walkway-type winter shelters are perfect for protecting your customers and employees who use your commercial building’s walkways, sidewalks, steps and balconies. They are custom made and can cover narrow or wide surfaces as well as any combination of angles and turns. They can easily be combined with other shelters to obtain a hybrid shelter.

Carport shelter for car or pedestrians

We attach this type of winter shelter to the side of your building so you can control the snowfall. They are also useful for creating a weather-protected area along a building and can be combined with any other shelter.

Shelters for the disabled

Ensure the safety of your customers and employees with disabilities or reduced mobility thanks to our winter shelters for people with disabilities. Our shelters are custom designed and protect any facility. Whether for an outdoor elevator or a ramp, our shelters are safe and well adapted.

Non-standard shelters

The oversized and oversized shelters are useful to cover vehicles, equipment, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), 4-wheelers (ATVs), personal watercraft, snowmobiles, tools, cords, swimming pools, BBQs and more. Do not hesitate to consult our winter shelter experts to learn more about our non-standard shelters.

What’s a winter shelter?

Our winter shelters are designed in two ways; either with a self-supporting steel structure, or an extruded steel structure. The structure is then attached to the wall of your business. Then we cover it with a polyethylene fabric treated against UV rays. We are proud to offer superior fabrics for our winter shelters, which gives them greater durability than our competition. We also guarantee the structure and fabric for a period of two years.

The structure of our winter shelters is stabilized with Cavalier or Haubans anchors, concrete blocks or permanchors for asphalt and paving stones.
Before proceeding with the installation of a commercial shelter, we strongly recommend that you check your municipality’s laws to find out if you have this right.

What is the process of organizing a custom temporary winter shelter installation project with the Bellon Prestige Group?

To get started, you can send us a quote request through our website or call us directly. When you call us, our customer service team will ask you a few questions about the nature of your project. They will then ask you for your contact information in order to assign you to the specialist who serves your area.

If you decide to use our website, an expert will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of your request. Feel free to include as much detail as possible and to include photos so that the specialist can propose solutions adapted to your needs.


First visit

Our team of experts is always happy to come to your home or business to discuss your project with you. By being on site, it is much easier to understand your needs and to propose the best solution.


We will then take the first measurements in order to prepare our quote. Depending on the scope and size of your project, it may be possible for our specialist to do an onsite price.


Sending the contract

Our winter shelter specialist will email you a copy of your quote with a price. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that our representative can help you.

Taking of measurements

Once the quote is accepted and the contract is signed, we send a project manager to your address to take the exact measurements. Depending on your preference, you can request an appointment to be present when the project manager comes to take the measurements. Alternatively, we can proceed without an appointment, which saves you time and gives you unparalleled peace of mind.


Technical drawing

Once the measurements are taken, our project manager prepares a technical drawing of the project. This drawing is used for the production of your product in our 35,000 square foot factory in Montreal. Once completed, our purchasing manager orders, if necessary, the parts required for the production of your product.

Factory production

This is where our craftsmen get to work. Using the technical drawing, our seamstresses and seamstresses prepare your fabric with the best fabrics on the market. Our hardware experts prepare the structure of your project. With over 125 years of experience in manufacturing custom awnings, canopies and shelters, rest assured that your investment is in good hands.


Quality Assurance

If there is one thing that is important to our team, it is the durability of your investment. Once production is complete, our quality control officers thoroughly and rigorously inspect the finished product to eliminate any imperfections and ensure that the final product will exceed your expectations.

Installation of your product

Our Director of Facilities and Dispatch will call you to determine, with you, the best time to proceed with the installation. Again, depending on your preference, you can request to be present at the installation or not.

Discover our post-installation services offered for your landscaping products

When properly maintained, your investment can last for more than a decade. To take good care of it, we offer several after-sales services such as storage, cleaning and waterproofing.


Before buying a new canvas, opt for the repair.

Cleaning and Waterproofing

Restore your investment to its former glory with our cleaning service.

Why entrust the exterior design of your space to the Bellon Prestige Group?

Over 125 years of experience.

Let our expertise simplify your life. Since 1895, we have helped thousands of deck owners enjoy life without fear of the weather.

A durable product

Treat yourself to an investment that will last for years. Made to measure by our craftsmen in Montreal, our custom solutions are made to last.

After-sales service.

The Bellon experience doesn’t stop after your custom solution is installed. We offer several after-sales services to maximize the life of your investment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your outdoor landscaping projects. Our experts will be happy to put their knowledge at your disposal.

High quality

Made in Montreal

After sales service

At your service since 1895


Interested in purchasing a Bellon custom temporary winter shelter? Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

At the time of signing, allow 4 weeks before installation. Of course, depending on seasonality, there may be variations. At the time of signing the contract, your outdoor specialist will tell you how long it will take to install.

Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend that you let our experts do it for you.

Yes, we do! We even have a turnkey service. We take care of installing, uninstalling and storing your tarp during the cold season. Once the winter is over, we come and put the tarp back on the structure so you can enjoy the summer.

What our clients say

Find out what our customers are saying about our excellent service.

Doing business with Groupe Bellon Prestige means being treated with care and professionalism. The service is exceptional and the installers are courteous and efficient. I highly recommend their awnings products which have an impressive durability! Thank you to the entire team!


I dealt with Bellon Prestige five years ago to make screen curtains for my back deck and two years ago to install an awning on a balcony. Every year since then, Bellon has come to pick up the awning, clean it and store it before reinstalling it. In every contact I have had, for every product I have requested, the service has been impeccable. The representatives have always been very courteous, the installations have been done with great care and the products are solid and of very good quality. In fact, both the screen curtains and the awning are still very beautiful. No breakage, no problems. I often recommend Bellon Prestige. A family business, competent and responsible, it is rare…


4.0 / 5 out of 60 reviews

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