Winter Shelters

You will find below our different models of commercial winter shelters.


Groupe Bellon Prestige’s commercial winter shelters are designed for winters here! Made to measure, our shelters perfectly fit the dimensions your business as well as the multiple accesses of your commercial space.

We have over 120 years experience designing and manufacturing winter shelters and  awnings. Thanks to our team, say goodbye to endless hours of shoveling and grueling winter chores around your business. Now you can protect your customers and employees from the weather with our commercial winter shelters and save on the cost of clearing your entrances.

In addition, all our shelters are designed and manufactured in our factory and can be customized according to your tastes and needs. The structures of our assembled or welded shelters have a lifespan of over ten years. Also, we use thicker fabrics and higher quality materials since these last much longer than those offered by our competitors.

Our installation service is turnkey; so we take care of the installation in the winter and the uninstallation in the spring. You can also store your shelter at our factory, in heated, insured and secured premises. We also offer a cleaning and repair service.

Contact us today to discover all the types of winter shelters offered at Groupe Bellon Prestige and the different ways to combine them to obtain hybrid shelters.

Our winter shelters are designed in two ways; either with a self-supporting steel structure, or an extruded steel structure. The structure is then attached to the wall of your business. Then we cover it with a polyethylene fabric treated against UV rays. We are proud to offer superior fabrics for our winter shelters, which gives them greater durability than our competition. We also guarantee the structure and fabric for a period of two years.
The structure of our winter shelters is stabilized with Cavalier or Haubans anchors, concrete blocks or permanchors for asphalt and paving stones.
Before proceeding with the installation of a commercial shelter, we strongly recommend that you check your municipality’s laws to find out if you have this right.

Our smoking shelters are well ventilated and flame retardant when needed. Like all our shelters and awnings, they are made to measure according to your space and your needs. Your smoking employees and customers will thank you! You can also customize them with lettering, windows, or other additional accessories.

Our warehouse shelters, large and very large, allow you to protect your equipment, vehicles or other bulky objects. They are ideal for protecting boats, farm machinery, salt, soil and gravel deposits, road vehicles and more.

Our tempo style shelters are perfectly adapted to Quebec winters. They are convenient for protecting your employees or customers cars against the snow. They can also be combined with other types of shelters and customized according to your needs.

Walkway-type winter shelters are perfect for protecting your customers and employees who use your commercial building’s walkways, sidewalks, steps and balconies. They are custom made and can cover narrow or wide surfaces as well as any combination of angles and turns. They can easily be combined with other shelters to obtain a hybrid shelter.

We attach this type of winter shelter to the side of your building so you can control the snowfall. They are also useful for creating a weather-protected area along a building and can be combined with any other shelter.

Ensure the safety of your customers and employees with disabilities or reduced mobility thanks to our winter shelters for people with disabilities. Our shelters are custom designed and protect any facility. Whether for an outdoor elevator or a ramp, our shelters are safe and well adapted.

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