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We recommend carport shelters when the surface (wide or narrow) to be covered runs along the side of your house. With one side of the shelter attached to the wall, you avoid any snow accumulation between the wall and the shelter’s side. We also recommend single slope shelters to avoid snow spills on your neighbor’s driveway or between the wall and the shelter. Like all Bellon winter shelters, carport shelters can be connected to any other type of shelters.

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  • Maximum width: 12 feet
  • No length limit
  • Assembled tube (1’’ ¼ – 16Ga) structure
  • Height adjusted to any size vehicles
  • Wall anchors: Cement, wood, concrete, rock wall and others
  • Ground anchors: all ground types

Fabric Choices

  • Regular clear fabric (winter only) made with Canadian polyethylene
  • 4 seasons Canadian polyethylene fabric
  • 4 seasons vinyl fabric
  • Fire retardant fabric
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