Residential Sail Awnings

Add value to your home and live in modern comfort


Add value to your home and live in modern comfort with Bellon Prestige shade sails. Bellon shade sails are an excellent solution to protect you from the sun while creating a unique style to your property.

Our sails are made of acrylic, vinyl, or mesh type solar cloth and are made to measure. They are therefore available in many forms and according to your imagination. The ends of our canvasses are securely attached to your home, the ground, a pole, or a mature tree. The posts can also be installed in any type of soil thanks to the Sonotube system.

Contact us for all your shade sails needs! It will be our pleasure to help you add sails to your exterior!

Why install shade sails?

Although beautiful, the summer season comes with some disadvantages. The fiery sun and high temperature make us look for shade. Shade sails are an excellent solution because they provide effective protection against the sun’s UV rays and allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space in the shade.

If you have children, it will also allow them to avoid sunburn while being able to spend their day playing outside. In addition, the shade sails add a touch of unparalleled aesthetics to your backyard.

The many options of our sails

The advantage of doing business with our team is that we can manufacture your shade sails to measure.

Each element can be unique to your vision, your tastes and your needs for your backyard.


We offer a wide selection of pole colors to make your shade sail unique. We have aluminum and galvanized steel poles.

Available shapes

No matter the size of the surface to cover, we are able to help you. We can make your sails in rectangle, square, triangle, or any other trapezoidal shapes.


Although our lettering service is mainly commercial, you can enjoy and add a touch of originality to your canvasses. We have several colors available.

Our fabrics

Our sails are available in a variety of different materials, namely mesh, acrylic canvas, solar canvas, and vinyl. The mesh is a very breathable wide mesh fabric. It is ideal for cutting off the sun’s rays while enjoying a view of the sky. The acrylic fabric cuts off wind, sun, and rain. We offer it in  300 different colors and patterns.  The solar canvas cuts off the sun and prying eyes while leaving you a view of the sky. Finally, the vinyl cuts off the sun, wind, and rain and is available in over 15 kinds of materials.


It’s important to have a solid anchoring for your shade canvasses. An anchor that is not solid may damage the various attachment points. It is possible to attach anchor points to your home, ground, pole or mature tree.

Installable in any type of soil, the Sonotube system can be an interesting alternative if you lack attachment points.

For any questions regarding shade sails, contact us. A member of our team will take the call with great pleasure.


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Tech Sheet

Protection Sun

Seasons 3 seasons

Fabrics Acrylic, vinyl, solar mesh (over 500 colors and patterns)

Shapes Rectangles, triangles, custom

Post materials Aluminum, Galvanized steel, Wood beams

Options Lettering, posts can be painted (many colors available)

Services Installation, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing and storage

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