How to Install a Carport?

how to install carport

Knowing how to install a carport is crucial for Quebec residents. The winters are cold, snowy, and too often fickle. Although our reputation as hockey fans precedes us, our national sport quickly becomes shoveling in the winter. If this type of sport isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend installing your shelter before the first …

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3 Must-Have Pool Accessories For Summer

pool accessories

Resorts in the South recognize that pool accessories are necessary for a memorable experience under the sun. The summer season is hot and sunny, and there’s nothing better than cooling off with a good swim. After a grueling day at work, relaxing under the sun by your pool is a priceless gift. However, this little …

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5 Summer Outdoor Decoration Items to Design Your Patio

summer outdoor decoration

The summer season is fast approaching and patio owners are starting to look for summer outdoor decoration ideas. With the temperature rising and the sun coming back out, outdoor deck design is becoming a hot topic at home. Kids want to play outside and adults want to turn their patio into a relaxation area. Many …

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Ideas on How to Choose Your Outdoor Patio Curtains

outdoor patio curtains ideas

Choosing the right outdoor patio curtains is an art: there are many elements to keep in mind to find the right ones. Even though winter isn’t quite over yet, many patio owners see spring coming and start thinking about their outdoor space. While others think about travelling, some think about outdoor curtains, shade sails, and …

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Outdoor Balcony Ideas: How To Arrange Your Patio for Fall

outdoor balcony ideas

When the days start getting shorter, it’s natural to wonder about how to arrange your outdoor balcony for the fall. With the mercury plunging and night falling more quickly, it’s important to find ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable. October is synonymous with Halloween, the first cold temperatures, and rain. Some people, therefore, …

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5 Tips for Choosing Your First Custom Awning

tips for choosing a custom awning

Are you considering purchasing a custom awning? This is quite normal. With spring right around the corner and the milder temperatures returning, it’s natural to think about your landscaping. It’s even more normal considering the current context, which limits our travel. The outdoor space at home, therefore, becomes an important place to spend a pleasant …

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3 Custom Retractable Awning Brands for Your Patio

Custom retractable awning brands

As the warm season approaches, patio owners look for custom retractable awning brands to complement their patio. This is quite natural, especially since your backyard might be the place where you will have to spend your summer vacation. Since travel is complicated due to the pandemic, your balcony, patio, or backyard become your resting place …

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Complete guide to arranging your patio

Complete guide to arranging your patio

As soon as the snow melts, many homeowners start looking for the best tips to arrange their patios. After all, when the warm temperatures return, the patio is the perfect place to relax or entertain family and friends. It is therefore both a place to get away from everyday stress and a place where you …

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How to last 125 years in business?

logo groupe bellon prestige

Did you know the leader in custom awnings, Groupe Bellon Prestige, has been in business for over 100 years? Currently, there are around 236,000 active SMBs in Quebec. Groupe Bellon Prestige is one of the companies that has prospered and has been part of the Quebec decor for 125 years. We offer an awning design …

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6 Quebec companies that have been around for over 100 years

In Quebec, we count more than 235,000 SMBs. Each year, over 95,000 new businesses are created in Quebec. We can therefore easily consider entrepreneurship as second nature to Quebecers. Despite economic crises, pandemics and other difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, many companies have succeeded in surviving and thriving for over a hundred years. Between 2002 and …

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Increase traffic to your store: 5 tips

augmenter achalandage magasin

Business owners are always looking for new ways to increase traffic to their stores. After all, Quebec has over 35,000 businesses. It is therefore crucial for merchants to use all possible tricks to distinguish themselves from the competition. Many will opt for online or offline advertising. We think for example of content marketing, Google paid …

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3 reasons to choose a custom car shelter

abris d'hiver carport sur mesure résidentiel

Did you know you can install your custom car shelter as of October 15 in most municipalities? Regulations vary from one municipality to the next. So you will need to get the necessary information to avoid a fine. When the month of October rolls around, you know the first snowstorm is approaching. Better to have …

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How to shop for a commercial awning?

auvent rétractable commercial lettrage

Choosing the right commercial awning for your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. Besides the investment, your awning will be a key element in getting your business recognized on the street. With over 35,000 businesses in Quebec, your awning is a way of standing out and attracting the attention of potential customers. …

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How to shop for your car shelter in Montreal

abri hiver voiture montreal

Do you know how to shop for a car shelter in Montreal? With winter fast approaching, it’s important to choose your shelter well. Winter is synonymous with joy and happiness. It’s the ideal season to go skating in the Old Port or to go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You can even have some memorable moments …

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Car shelter regulations in Laval

car shelter regulation laval

Do you know the regulations for car shelters in Laval? Winter is a wonderful season where one can enjoy many activities. From skiing to hockey, to a good hot chocolate while watching the snow twirl, the Quebec winter can be quite enchanting. Unfortunately, even if the snow is beautiful, powdery and creates magnificent scenery… it …

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What type of winter shelter do you need?

carport custom winter shelter

Considering buying a shelter, but not sure which type of winter shelter to choose? Rest assured, our experts are here to help. Taking advantage of winter to ski, skate or snowshoe can be very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of snowstorms, ice, shoveling and clearing.  Having to remove snow from your car and driveway …

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Winter shelter for the front door: how to choose yours?

abris d'hiver pour entrée

Winter is coming and you want to invest in a front door winter shelter? We’re happy to help. Winter is a magical season where you can enjoy sporting activities such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding. Unfortunately, it is also the time of walkway shoveling and car clearing in the morning before going to work. Whether …

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How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Home Awning

comment faire pour choisir couleur auvent

Do you want to have a residential patio awning installed but don’t know how to choose the colour of your awning? Our awning experts will be pleased to provide their knowledge to you. Summer is vacation season. That’s why many Quebecers want to take a trip to the South. Some even bought their plane tickets …

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Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant: 4 Tricks in the Era of COVID-19

stylish restaurant Montreal

Attracting customers to your restaurant during a pandemic is no easy task. Although the Quebec government announced that restaurants could reopen on June 15, the public is still hesitant. Many Quebecers are also doing their grocery shopping online to avoid public places. COVID-19 has also brought its share of changes to our work habits. For …

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Arranging a Restaurant Patio: 3 Tips to Do It Right

comment bien amenager terrasse restaurant

It goes without saying that properly arranging your restaurant patio is an undeniable competitive advantage when the hot season arrives. Have you already thought about how you will arrange yours? Handling the outdoor layout of their restaurant is a challenge for any restaurant owner. There are many elements to consider besides how to place your …

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Press Release – Groupe Bellon Prestige celebrates his 125e anniversary.

custom retractable awning groupe bellon prestige

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution 125e ANNIVERSARY—LE GROUPE BELLON PRESTIGE CONTINUES TO EMBELLISH QUEBEC WITH THEIR CUSTOM AWNINGS! Montréal, Tuesday, June 30, 2020 — The Quebecer awning leader is celebrating his 125e anniversary. A family business of fourth generations, established in Montréal since 1895, Le Groupe Bellon Prestige conceives, stores and repairs more than 5000 …

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Wooden pergola: 5 things to know before investing

wooden pergolas 5 things to know before buying

Are you considering the purchase of a modern wooden or aluminum pergola? It’s often when spring arrives that we think about outdoor landscaping. Regardless of the size of the deck, a custom-made awning is a solution to consider. For those who have more space, an in-ground pool is a good way to cool off at …

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Guide to Buying a Patio Heater for Your Patio

guide chauffe terrasse

Summer is coming to an end and the evenings are getting cooler. It’s the end of long discussions on the balcony having a few drinks with friends. If you’ve just set up your terrace, you’ll probably want to prolong this pleasure for a longer period of time. An electric or gas patio heater will allow …

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Buying a commercial retractable awning: 3 things to know

retractable commercial awning montreal

With the arrival of the warm season, merchants are considering adding retractable awnings to their businesses. Why should they do so? Because a well-designed terrace and the comfort of their customers are key elements that set them apart from their competitors. It’s also a good way to encourage owners to come back or recommend their establishment. For …

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Costco Gazebo : 3 things to consider before investing

Gazebo from costco

The weather is nice and warm so it’s the perfect time for homeowners to invest in a Costco gazebo. For many, the month of June is also the ideal time to go on vacation and the South is a popular destination for Quebecers. On the other hand, for those who wish to enjoy the sun …

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How to do your Gazebo set up for summer?

how to setup gazebo for summer

Knowing how to landscape your gazebo is an art and is much more important than you might think. Every day, we face a lot of stress. Relaxing in a well-designed haven is a good way to deal with daily stresses such as work, family, children, etc. It is important to take time for yourself and …

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How to shop for a retractable patio awning?

comment magasiner son auvent retractable

Choosing the right retractable patio awning to complete your backyard is not as simple as it sounds. Even though it’s easy to find an awning that suits every budget, you’re not sure that it covers your space well. There are therefore several elements to consider if you wish to design your living space with the …

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Should you choose a custom awning or an awning from Costco?

Do you hesitate between buying a custom awning or a Costco awning? With the end of spring on the horizon and the return of mild temperatures, patio owners are debating the best solution for their patio. After all, we want to enjoy the summer. Some take advantage of this time to plan their summer trips …

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3 ways to protect your children’s skin from the sun

protéger enfants ratons soleil

The snow has completely melted, the temperature exceeds 20°C  and you are looking for tips on how to protect yourself properly from the sun? If it’s time to put away the boots and hoodies to put on shoes and light clothing, it’s time to learn how to protect yourself from the sun.  It goes without …

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How to choose a good patio umbrella: 7 things to know

Yellow terrace parasol

As summer approaches and the mercury rises, many wonder how to choose a good umbrella for their patio. It’s time to swap the hoodie and the wool sweaters for the swimsuit! The arrival of summer is synonymous with good weather; BBQ with friends, long discussions on deck chairs around the pool and great moments with …

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Marketing Guide for Restaurants

Marketing Guide For Restaurants

In Quebec alone, there are over 20,500 restaurateurs according to the figures listed by the Association des restaurateurs du Québec. These numbers are important indicators of the competition to which restaurateurs are subjected. Today, customers do not just want to eat, they also want to live an experience. The restaurant environment is a demanding environment, …

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8 Marketing Tactics for Restaurants

stylish restaurant Montreal

According to the ARQ, there are more than 20,737 restaurant owners in Quebec, thus the importance of finding the right marketing tactics for your restaurant. The competition is ferocious, the increase in food cost and the lack of a workforce creates several problems for restaurant owners. No need to say that being a restaurant owner …

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Winter Car Shelter: How to Shop for One

comment magasiner abris hiver

In Quebec, winter often starts way before we expect it, which is why it’s important to shop for your winter car shelter as soon as possible. Waking up one morning and realizing we need to shovel and that we’ll be late for work is rarely pleasant.  Furthermore, the shovelling of your parking can cause several …

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Case Study: The Bateau-Mouche

The Bateau-Mouche is one of the most popular attractions in the Old Port, and not without good reasons. Inaugurated in 1992 for the 350th anniversary of Montreal, the Bateau-Mouche was an instant success.  Since then, the Bateau-Mouche had to adapt to the ever-growing demand. They had to widen it repeatedly to welcome more people. The …

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3 tips on how to attract customers and keep them

fidéliser clients

In order to have a business that works well, it’s important to know how to attract customers and keep them. Being a business owner isn’t an easy task, and capturing potential customer’s attention is harder than ever nowadays because passersby often have their eyes glued to their phones, and their ears plugged with music. Having …

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