8 Marketing Tactics for Restaurants

According to the ARQ, there are more than 20,737 restaurant owners in Quebec, thus the importance of finding the right marketing tactics for your restaurant. The competition is ferocious, the increase in food cost and the lack of a workforce creates several problems for restaurant owners. No need to say that being a restaurant owner …

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Winter Car Shelter: How to Shop for One

In Quebec, winter often starts way before we expect it, which is why it’s important to shop for your winter car shelter as soon as possible. Waking up one morning and realizing we need to shovel and that we’ll be late for work is rarely pleasant.  Furthermore, the shovelling of your parking can cause several …

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Case Study: The Bateau-Mouche

The Bateau-Mouche is one of the most popular attractions in the Old Port, and not without good reasons. Inaugurated in 1992 for the 350th anniversary of Montreal, the Bateau-Mouche was an instant success.  Since then, the Bateau-Mouche had to adapt to the ever-growing demand. They had to widen it repeatedly to welcome more people. The …

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3 tips on how to attract customers and keep them

fidéliser clients

In order to have a business that works well, it’s important to know how to attract customers and keep them. Being a business owner isn’t an easy task, and capturing potential customer’s attention is harder than ever nowadays because passersby often have their eyes glued to their phones, and their ears plugged with music. Having …

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