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Residential Winter Car Shelters

Designed here for our winter!


Designed for winters here, Groupe Bellon Prestige’s winter shelters are made to measure. They perfectly match the dimensions of your entrance and the different accesses of your house and your property.

So you can say goodbye to the waste of time-related to shoveling. Quebec winters can be finicky, but that’s no reason not to regain a taste for the season! These shelters allow you to reduce your winter chores. They are ideal for the elderly or those with reduced mobility who can not do intense physical activity like shoveling after each heavy snowfall.

With over 120 years of experience,  we have the expertise to design and manufacture the awnings and shelters you need. All our shelters are designed and manufactured in our factory. In addition, the structures of our assembled or welded shelters are designed to last over a decade. We only use high-quality canvasses and fabrics since they last much longer than those offered by the competition. We can also do the storage of your winter shelter in our heated, insured and secure premises. We also offer to install and uninstall for you in the winter and spring.

Discover all the possible types of winter shelters and how they can be combined in a hybrid way for optimal winter protection of your entrances and pedestrian crossings.

A winter shelter is a shelter designed to protect you against bad weather and the whims of Quebec winters. All our shelters are designed with a welded or extruded steel structure that is then attached to the wall of a house. We then cover them with a polyethylene fabric treated against UV rays. For maximum protection, we use fabrics of a greater thickness than our competitors. This key element distinguishes us from the competition and offers you shelters with better durability. We also guarantee the canvas and the structure for 2 years.

We use Cavalier and Haubans anchors, as well as concrete block and permanchor for asphalt and paving stones to stabilize the structure.

If you want to have a winter shelter installed at your home, do not forget to contact your municipality. Some restrictions may apply in different municipalities.

Commonly called “tempo shelters” these conventional winter shelters are very useful for covering and protecting your vehicles during the winter season. They can also protect any other device or object against bad winter weather like an ice storm. Tempo shelters can easily be combined with any other type of shelter. You can also customize them to suit your tastes with the installation of doors, windows or any other additional accessories.

Walkway shelters are typically used to cover narrow or wide surfaces, such as sidewalks, steps or balconies, etc. Our walkway shelters are custom made and can cover any combination of angles and turns. Like all Bellon Prestige shelters, they can easily be combined with other types of shelters.

Carport shelters have a side attached to a building, which helps control snowfall. They are also useful for creating a protected area along a building and can be combined with any other type of shelter.

Shelters for the disabled are custom-designed to cover all structures or surfaces related to the mobility of persons with reduced mobility. Whether for an outdoor elevator or a wheelchair access ramp, our shelters are safe and well adapted.

The off-standard shelters, large and very large, are useful for covering vehicles, equipment, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), 4 wheels (ATVs), watercraft, snowmobile, tools, firewood, swimming pools, BBQ and others. Do not hesitate to consult our winter shelter experts to learn more about our off-standard shelters.

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