A temporary exterior living space


When an item is custom made, all ideas become possible. In that case, no matter the size or style, Bellon Industries will be able to manufacture the tent you have in mind. Always by keeping an elegant side to it, that canvas can either be used as an business advertising tool or an additional exterior room for festivities.

Prospector tents – Summer Camps / Scouts

Don’t be bothered by the bad weather with to our good quality tents. Made of waterproofed cotton or vinyl, mounted on aluminium or steel poles, it is used as a form of accommodation for your campers, hunters or any other person oriented towards outdoors activities. Protective fly, chimney exit, insulation, mosquito net or vinyl windows and polypropylene flooring are all options that will provide ultimate comfort.

Pop-Up Tent

A Pop-Up tent is a good tool to keep a promotional approach towards your current and potential customers. In other words, it will increase your visibility and by that mean your sales will rise. Shaped as a stationary tent, not to lose any seconds, it was built in a way that it would be easy to assemble and transport. While being profitable for your company, it will also give you’re a roof to hide under during the warmer days or the bad weather.

The Classic Tent

The “classic” tent is generally used as a roof for any kind of event. According to your needs, we will be able to create and manufacture a made to measure tent that will be useful for protection against the rain, wind and sun.

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Tech Sheet

Protection Wind, cold, rain, sun, insects, snow

Seasons 3 or 4 seasons

Materials Galvanized steel, aluminum

Fabrics Cotton with UV filter, fire-retardant cotton or vinyl

Models Several models available

Options Floor, double roof, window, door, chimney outlet, insulation

Accessories Curtains, screening

Services Storage, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing, lettering

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