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Prospector tents have evolved from their historical roots to become a popular choice for modern outdoor enthusiasts and campers. These tents are designed with durability and functionality in mind for a wide range of outdoor activities. Their robust construction and weather-resistant materials ensure protection from the elements. The custom-built prospector tents allow campers to enjoy a genuine camping adventure in comfort and safety.

When it comes to open-air events, fine-quality wall tents can make a difference. Protect your customers from weather elements with our tents that offer a high degree of water resistance and wind protection. Bellon Prestige offers custom canvas and other options, allowing you to choose from different fabric options, high-quality materials and sizes according to your needs. We then manufacture the tent according to your choice of material and sizes. The quality and durability of our tents match any of the expensive options available.

Summer camps / Scouts

Don’t be bothered by the bad weather with our excellent-quality tents. Made of waterproofed cotton or vinyl, mounted on aluminum or steel poles, they are used as a form of accommodation for campers, hunters, or people oriented towards outdoor activities.

Enhance your comfort with added features such as protective fly, chimney exit, insulation, distinctive windows, mosquito net, and polypropylene flooring. Our wilderness tents help you have an authentic camping experience.


Discover the technical specifications of our tents.


Wind, cold, rain, sun, insects, fresh snow


3 or 4 seasons


Galvanized steel, aluminum


Cotton with UV filter, fire-retardant cotton or vinyl


Several models available, customer-specific


Floor, double roof, window, door, chimney outlet, insulation


Curtains, screening


Storage, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing, lettering

What is the process of organizing a custom exterior design project with Bellon Prestige?

The process of organizing a custom exterior project with our custom-made commercial products is quite straightforward. You can send us a quote request through our website or call us directly to get started. Once we receive your call, our customer service team will ask you a few questions about the nature of your project and then ask for your contact information so that we can assign you an awning, shelter, and landscaping specialist.

If you decide to go through our website, an expert will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of your request. Feel free to include as much detail as possible and to include photos. Our specialist will offer solutions adapted to your needs. They will also share their valuable insights to help you decide on your custom exterior design project.

Discover our post-installation services

The Bellon Prestige experience extends beyond just your tent installation. We understand the significance of adequate maintenance for the longevity of your investment. When properly maintained, your investment in prospector tents can last for more than a decade. To take good care of it, we offer several after-sales services such as storage, cleaning and waterproofing.


Over time, wear and tear can affect the canvas of your prospector tent. Our team specializes in canvas repair, ensuring that any damage is promptly and professionally addressed to extend the lifespan of your tent.

Cleaning and waterproofing

Regular cleaning and waterproofing are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your prospector tent. We offer cleaning and waterproofing services to provide you with professional tent cleaning. Our cleaning services remove dirt, grime, and potential mould, while our waterproofing treatments reinforce the tent’s resistance to water and weather conditions.


When not in use, proper storage is crucial to protect your prospector tent from unnecessary wear and tear. We offer secure storage service to keep your tent safe and ready for your next adventure or event.


Before buying a new canvas, opt for the repair.

Cleaning and Waterproofing

Restore your investment to its former glory with our cleaning service.

Why entrust the exterior design of your space to Bellon Prestige?

Utilizing our 125 years of experience, we provide you with a sustainable custom product.

Over 125 years of experience.

Let our expertise simplify your life. Since 1895, we have helped thousands of deck owners enjoy life without fear of the weather.

A durable product

Treat yourself to an investment that will last for years. Made to measure by our craftsmen in Montreal, our custom solutions are made to last.

After-sales service.

The Bellon experience doesn’t stop after your custom solution is installed. We offer several after-sales services to maximize the life of your investment.

When searching for durable and reliable wall tents, look no further than Bellon Prestige. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship, exceptional after-sales services, and over a century of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to providing you with a tent that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Trust in Bellon Prestige for your outdoor shelter needs, and invest in a product that stands the test of time.

High quality

Made in Montreal

After sales service

At your service since 1895


Interested in buying a prospector tent? Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Prospector tents are designed to withstand various weather conditions, but their suitability for extreme weather depends on their quality and the specific materials used. High-quality canvas wall tents treated with weatherproof coatings can offer good resistance to rain and wind. Our heavy-duty, durable wall tents offer reliable weather protection on cooler nights.

Choosing the right tent size depends on your needs and the number of people it will accommodate. Consider the intended use—whether for dining, lounging, or specific events—and the available space. As a general guide, allow at least 10-15 square feet per person for seating. For dining setups, add additional space for tables, service areas, and pathways.

Maintaining a prospector tent is easy and only requires regular cleaning and waterproofing. Regularly inspect the tent for any tears, mould, or mildew, especially after use in wet conditions and avoid heavy snow accumulation. Clean the tent using a soft brush or sponge, mild soap, and water and ensure it is completely dry before storage. You can also get them treated to be fire—and mildew-resistant.

What our clients say

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Doing business with Groupe Bellon Prestige means being treated with care and professionalism. The service is exceptional and the installers are courteous and efficient. I highly recommend their awnings products which have an impressive durability! Thank you to the entire team!


I dealt with Bellon Prestige five years ago to make screen curtains for my back deck and two years ago to install an awning on a balcony. Every year since then, Bellon has come to pick up the awning, clean it and store it before reinstalling it. In every contact I have had, for every product I have requested, the service has been impeccable. The representatives have always been very courteous, the installations have been done with great care and the products are solid and of very good quality. In fact, both the screen curtains and the awning are still very beautiful. No breakage, no problems. I often recommend Bellon Prestige. A family business, competent and responsible, it is rare…


4.2 / 5 out of 89 reviews

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