commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

commercial lawn umbrella

Terrace Umbrellas

The shade of style!


If you want to increase your income for the next summer season, patio umbrellas are an excellent option. When the weather is warmer, many customers want to have a drink under a parasol. 

Offering shade and providing a memorable customer experience becomes a real competitive advantage for establishments that have the necessary equipment. Patio umbrella are therefore a real marketing tool for restaurants. They also allow your customers to easily recognize your establishment.

Find out everything there is to know about patio umbrellas from our outdoor design experts.

Why does your patio need umbrellas?

When the time comes to buy a patio umbrella, there are a number of options available to you. We strongly recommend that retailers invest in a patio umbrella. This will ensure that the patio umbrella :

  • Fits well with your patio
  • Respects the dimensions of your patio
  • Is designed using the best materials in the industry, which ensures that your investment will last for a long time.

In addition, our patio umbrellas are available in a variety of shapes. We are pleased to offer you square, rectangular, circular or any other polygonal shape parasols.

Mobile or fixed standing patio umbrella

We also offer you a choice between mobile or fixed bases. If you already have an idea of how you would like to design your terrace, we recommend choosing a fixed base.

However, if you are constantly rethinking the design of your terrace, it is much easier to choose parasols with mobile bases. This means that you can easily move the patio umbrella around according to your tastes and needs. These parasols are perfect if you are organizing events where you need to redesign your space.

Upright or articulated arm patio umbrella

The right umbrella is a good investment for smaller budgets or smaller companies. patio umbrellas with an arched arm are becoming increasingly popular and complement your outdoor space well. You can place them above the terrace to protect your customers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They are ideal for larger spaces. 


Finally, each solution proposed by Bellon Prestige Group is customized to suit your space and your needs. No matter what colour you want, we have what you need.

The impact of a patio umbrella

Your parasols offer stylish protection for your customers. They protect them against UV rays. Even if they are invisible, these rays have a harmful effect on skin and vision. 

It’s never too late to design your terrace. Simple to install and requiring very little maintenance, our parasols will allow you to quickly offer shade to your customers. 

Finally, the rain will no longer eat up your income. When it rains, many establishments have to reduce their capacity. Customers, therefore, eat inside the restaurant. With an umbrella, your customers can stay outside.

Validating your project with Groupe Bellon Prestige

Why trust the Bellon Prestige Group? Because our team has more than 125 years of experience with awnings and parasols. Our experts in custom-made awnings and exterior design are able to advise you in your choices. 

In addition, we offer a fast, reliable and impeccable after-sales service. In the event of a problem, we can repair, clean and even store your awnings. 

To start a project, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is ask for a free quote. Then, an experienced member of our team will contact you to make an appointment. He will then come to your address to take the measurements and prepare a quick and free quote for you.

If you have any questions about our parasols, contact us. We will answer all your questions with great pleasure.


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Tech Sheet

Protection Sun, rain

Seasons 3 seasons

Materials Steel, aluminum, wood

Fabrics Acrylic in hundreds of colors

Structure Posts with pulley system

Models Square, rectangular, octagonal, round and others

Accessories Patio heating, covers

Services Installation, repairs, storage, lettering

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