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Specialized in the field of canvas, we have some divisions that adhere very well with our primary products. Very common in commercial industries or large-scale establishments, brass, handrails and crowd controls are two items that we manufacture and design. Moreover, in a completely different field, electric cars are becoming more and more popular and terminal protection cages are now available at Bellon Prestige Group.  We also offer a large variety of hardware that can be sold by the unit.


Are you looking for pure commercial brass objects? The Bellon Prestige Group has a vast amount different items available. Build upon your needs, footrests, handrails, glass racks, coat hooks or any other parts on request of different sizes and different finishes will give the ultimate touch to your business.


It is sometimes difficult to manage several people at the same time, especially several individuals entering the same place at the same time. Ease yourself the task with a crowd control. Offered in chrome plated steel, the economical or heavy duty turnstile and the removable posts with cord are both very functional. They direct people in the right direction while following a line. Several other products in the same kind are available according to your needs.


Despite all possible laws, tobacco will remain an ever-present industry and an inevitable product in the life of some people. In order not to pass the broom every day, you can add one of our commercial ashtray, a sanitary product, where people can dispose of their cigarette end or any other tobacco product in one place.


Are you someone that looks forward for a better environment and encourage your customers and employees to have electric cars? If so, in order to have control over who uses your electrical terminals, it is possible for you to obtain one of our protection cages. Made of aluminium mesh, painted in green or any other desired color, an intruder will not be able to steal your electricity!


The Bellon Prestige Group now offers specialized products for all the disadvantages you can encounter such as flying insects, dust or rain drops that infiltrate themselves in specific places of the canvas. Air Guard Konk, an automatic aerosol spray, Aqua-Tek, a fabric cleaner and Pro-Sec, a waterproofing agent, are all substances that will restore your canvas in perfect condition and offer you the ultimate exterior comfort.



According to the trends, brown, black, gold, blue, white and red are the 6 dominant colors that would, without a doubt, blend in with your awning. Available in 1/8’’ nylon or 3/16’’ polyethylene, its main purpose is to lace the canvas to the structure so it does not leave with the wind!


A permanent anchor is a post made out of steel that is drilled into any type of landscape. Once it’s anchored in the ground, the bottom of the post will open up like a fish hook. It will ensure a good security and stability of your awning, shelter, picnic table or several other objects.


Inserted in the roller tube of the awning, using a crank, the gearbox is part of the mechanism that operates the manual retractable awning by allowing you to open or close it. Depending on the length of your canvas, we will find the perfect fit with one of the two sizes of gearboxes.


To operate manually the mechanism of a retractable awning, it must be equipped with a crank. Among a dozen lengths and three colors, you will be able to obtain the pole that will suit you the most.


Conceptualized to offer extra support to a retractable awning, the two posts will be place at the front of it, in spite of maintaining a good security and stability during the light rains and medium winds.


Instead of having simple aluminum poles, garnish your awning with nicely detailed posts with ornaments. With a variety of models, you will be able to find one that will embellish your awning and your commerce.


Each stationary awning and some curtains are provided with finger clips, which will retain the metal rod inserted in the border of the canvas.


The snap is a clip made of metal that will stabilize your curtain and prevent it from blowing in the wind and rain. Once placed with an elastic band at the bottom of the canvas, you will be able to assemble it to a ring screwed into the ground. Shaped in “D” it will keep a good tension in the curtain.


All of our stationary awnings are manufactured with an aluminum structure which contains the #037 rail. Targeted in the wall, this rail is installed in the structure of the awning so that the canvas remains in place.


To install a curtain, it is important to be equipped with the good pieces, starting with the rail. At Bellon Prestige Group, there are 3 kinds of rails that each contains different wheels.

We have the #903 wheels for more fierce uses and the #6200 with both a PVC bases and metal hooks, and we have the #602 which is completely finished in PVC. Always made to measure, depending on the rail you choose, it is possible to change its shape and angles. A choice of color among several will complete the order of your rail.


Screwed into the ground or on wall, the base is attached to the ends of the post and prevent them from moving. Made with steel or aluminum, it will be resistant to any type of weather.

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