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Being a company that offers high quality products, we are able to propose accessories and products separately without having to replace the complete awning or shelter. While some items are recommended to improve the final products, others aim to keep the good quality of our canvas and your environment.

BUG SPRAY – Air Guard Konk

Insects, this is not a word that Air Guard Konk knows! It is a company that will allow you to sit outside peacefully, without any bugs going for you. Very simple as a product it is installed on a wall so that the device sprays the substance higher in the air. Automated every 8 minutes, it offers an aerosol spray control which will allow you to get good result without having to spray yourself with insecticide.


Sold as a vaporizer in a 1 liter container, the Aqua-tek cleanser can work wonders. This is a very handy product when you have a few dirty spots on your canvas. A versatile and powerful cleaner, it will allow you to remove black spots, bird’s residues, dead insects, grease and any other dirt without having to send it to the cleaner.


Living in an environment where rainy seasons can sometimes be severe, after a few years, it is normal that the canvas loses a bit of its waterproofing. In this case, if you need a quick touch up, without having to send the awning to the cleaner, you can buy a bottle of Pro-Sec, a multi-purpose product. Sold in a bottle of one or four liters, it is a good quality silicone water repellent.


You want to change the look of your balcony? Chic and simple, add a valance to make your outdoor space more pleasant to look at. Available in hundreds of colors, you will find one that will go well with your exterior furniture and chair cushions!


Easily breakable, windows are fairly easy access for robbers. Prevent these burglars from stealing your personal items by adding steel or aluminum window frames. Stay protected with style!


Finger clips

The finger clip is a tool that will ensure the safety of the stationary awning or curtain. In other words, it will prevent the metal rod from coming out of the rail or hem of the fabric.

Stationary awning rail

We offer only one kind of rail: #037. Being a part of the structure, the stationary awning rail is an aluminum moulding used to retain the canvas of the awning.

Post socket

The post socket is an item make to keep the rods in place, either on the ground or on the wall. It is a steel base that will fit for poles of all sizes in both steel and aluminum.


Black, white, gold, brown, blue and red are the 6 colors of rope available at Le Groupe Bellon Prestige. Made of nylon 1/8 or polypropylene 3/16, multifunctional, it mainly serves to lace the canvas to the structure of an awning, a shelter or a balcony railing covers.

Decorative posts

You are thinking of buying a freestanding or stationary awning? Instead of having plain simple poles on the side of the structure, you can make the addition of posts made with ornaments. Depending on the style you are looking for, there will certainly be a model that will please you.


The snap is an item sold to the unit and serves as a tie down the bottom of the curtain. Manufactured in metal, it is good to withstand rain, low and medium winds.

Curtain rails

The curtain rod is an aluminum moulding made to accommodate curtain rollers. We have three rails available including #602, #6200 and #903.

The #602 and #903 are similar. To fit on the rail, both must be equipped with rollers where the base is made of PVC. Only the hook differs; the #602 hook stays in PVC and the #903 is fabricated in metal for a more robust use.

The #6200, unlike the last two, the rollers will slide on the outside of the rail. Also with a PVC base and metal hook, these casters will be installed on a rod that is easy to bend and handle for special angles.


The crank is a tool that will allow you to open and close your retractable awning manually. Available in a dozen sizes, you will also have the option of choosing the color between white, gray or ivory.


The gearbox is a piece in the retractable awning that rotates its mechanism. Depending on the location and size of your awning, this box is available in two sizes and can be located to the right or left of the roll.

Support post

As the name says it well, it is a pole that facilitates the support of the retractable awning in light rain and medium winds. To help the arms of the awning and prevent them from bending, the posts will be attached at the front of the structure.

Permanent anchors

The permanent is a hook that anchors in the ground to prevent the product from moving. No matter which platform you have: plain pavement, gravel, grass or any other kind, the permanent anchor will adapt and solidify the item to the ground.

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