Are you in Quebec and looking for a solution for your car shelter in the off-season? Look no further; Groupe Bellon Prestige is there for you! Specialists in winter shelter storage, we guarantee you complete service, from dismantling to secure storage.

Storing a car shelter is a task that requires expertise and special attention. At Bellon Prestige, we have the right method and reflexes that ensure your shelter’s protection and durability. Take advantage of our expertise and professionalism to preserve your carport.

Find out why so many Quebecers trust us for the storage of their car shelter.

Carport structure dismantling service

When spring arrives, it’s time to think about dismantling your temporary shelter. Groupe Bellon Prestige offers you professional dismantling service, ensuring the maintenance of your custom car shelter for the seasons to come.

What is the best time to dismantle my car shelter frame?

The best time to take it down is usually in the spring, once the risk of snow and frost has passed. However, this may vary according to the specific weather conditions of your region.

The steps involved in dismantling a garage shelter

  1. Preliminary inspection: Before starting to take it down, a preliminary inspection is conducted to assess the condition of the outdoor garage shelter and plan the dismantling process.
  2. Uninstallation: The team of experts carries out the uninstallation of the outdoor garage shelter structure. This involves dismantling the structure and preparing it for storage.
  3. Preparation for storage: After disassembling it, everything is prepared for the storage of your garage shelter—namely, cleaning and drying the shelter fabric.

Equipment storage: The outdoor garage shelter fabric is stored in a dry, heated, and secure location to ensure its protection during the season when it is not in use.

Employees taking care of car shelter storage

Car shelter storage service

Once it is dismantled, where can you store your outdoor garage shelter safely? Groupe Bellon Prestige offers you dedicated service, guaranteeing its protection against bad weather and other potential damage.

Advantages of storage with Bellon

The storage of your portable shelter is an important decision that requires special attention. At Bellon Prestige, we understand that each customer has unique needs, and we’re committed to providing storage service that meets these requirements. Here are some of the distinctive advantages of choosing Bellon for the storage of your shelter:

  1. Security: Our storage space is monitored 24/7 to guarantee the protection of your car shelter.
  2. Repair service: We offer a repair service to ensure the lifespan of your durable shelter.
  3. Flexibility: Bellon’s rental service offers the flexibility of space and time you need for the storage of your product.

These advantages reflect our commitment to quality and customer service. With Bellon Prestige, you can have confidence that your product is in good hands, and ready to serve for many years to come.

The façade of the warehouse used to store car shelters

Why trust Bellon Prestige to store your car shelter?

With Groupe Bellon Prestige, you benefit from more than a century of expertise and dedicated customer service, for total peace of mind. By choosing our experts, you are entrusting your awning or shelter to a company that understands the importance of keeping these elements in the best possible conditions.

Our professional and meticulous storage service is offered in a heated, insured, and secure storage space in Montreal. In addition, we offer turnkey service on an annual cycle, including the installation, uninstallation, and storage of your awnings. Our commitment to quality and sustainability and our after-sales service make Bellon Prestige a reliable choice for the storage of your car shelters.

Bellon’s storage expertise

With more than a century of expertise, Groupe Bellon Prestige is a leader in car shelter storage. Our team of experts is trained to handle all types of anchors and structures. Our storage method includes key steps such as:

  • drying
  • brushing
  • dusting
  • a thorough inspection

If necessary, repairs can be performed. The storage service is carried out at our warehouse in Montreal, guaranteeing a controlled and supervised environment.

With over a century of expertise and an unparalleled dedication to quality and customer service, we’re proud to be the preferred choice of many Quebecers.

Don’t wait any longer; contact us today to take advantage of our car shelter storage services!

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