3 reasons to choose a custom car shelter

Did you know you can install your custom car shelter as of October 15 in most municipalities? Regulations vary from one municipality to the next. So you will need to get the necessary information to avoid a fine. When the month of October rolls around, you know the first snowstorm is approaching. Better to have your winter shelter already installed to avoid shoveling!

Many Quebecers turn to big box stores as soon as cool temperatures appear. They snap up the regular tempo shelters found at Canadian Tire, Costco and BMR, neglecting the fact they will likely have to throw these shelters out after one or two winters.

Although less expensive to purchase, the tempo shelters in big-box stores are not designed to last. So it’s not surprising they deteriorate and don’t withstand the vagaries of Quebec’s winter climate for very long.

Rather than stand in line for a shelter that will only protect you for one or two winters, we invite you to discover custom car shelters. So here are 3 advantages to opting for a custom car shelter.

The 3 main advantages of the custom car shelter

There are many advantages to choosing a custom car shelter. Besides durability, here are some of the most important benefits of custom purchasing.

1. A safe installation

When you get a regular tempo shelter from Canadian Tire, no one will come and help you set it up. That is, no specialist. You will still need to ask a minimum of 2 to 3 people to help you for security reasons. Improperly installed tempo shelters are at risk of collapsing and causing damage to your vehicles, personal injury, and in extreme cases, death.

By purchasing a custom car shelter, you will have access to a safe installation service. This assures you that your shelter is properly assembled and that you and your belongings are protected. Furthermore, specialists can give you all the information you need to properly maintain your shelter. You can keep your investment as long as possible.

2. Compliance with regulations

In addition to respecting the dates, there are certain standards to be observed for tempo shelter installation. Experts in winter shelters are familiar with the BNQ standards, dates to be observed and municipal regulations. They can answer questions such as:

  • When should you install or uninstall your custom car shelter?
  • What is the distance to respect between the shelter and the sidewalk?
  • And between a shelter and a fire hydrant?
  • What type of anchor should you use for your driveway?

A BMR floor clerk is not trained to answer these questions. However, it is important to know the answer, because non-compliance with the regulations can result in a hefty fine. Fines generally vary between $100 and $1000.

3. Where to store your shelter? Sheltered!

As the uninstallation date approaches, you need to think about where to store your shelter. An improperly stored shelter can be damaged. The ideal place for your shelter should be a dry, heated and secure place. Ideally, before storage, you also clean and dry the canvas.

If you don’t have a place to store your shelter safely, we recommend that you opt for a storage service. Some custom shelter companies also offer storage services.

Where to get a custom car shelter?

Groupe Bellon Prestige has been a true benchmark in the field of custom winter shelters since 1895. We are masters in the making and installation of tempo shelters.

To get a custom car shelter with our team, nothing could be simpler. Contact us and an experienced member of our team will come to your home for free to take the measurements and give you a quote. As soon as the quote is accepted, our craftsmen get to work in our 35,000 square foot factory.

To make the most of winter, contact us today!

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