30 May 2022

5 Reasons to Have a Commercial Winter Shelter

Pierre Trudeau

When the winter season knocks at our doors, buying a commercial winter shelter is a good investment. There are many types of winter awnings to meet the specific needs of merchants.

With the help of a winter shelter, various companies protect their entrances and walkways. In addition to high-traffic areas, your shelter can also act as an area of comfort. For restaurants, your customers will appreciate the protection if they have to wait in line for their table. There are also shelters for smokers; your employees will thank you for thinking of their comfort. For industries, warehouse shelters are very useful.

We invite you to discover 5 undeniable assets of installing a commercial winter shelter for your business.

  1. Installing an Infratech patio heater in a commercial winter shelter

One of the advantages of having a commercial shelter is that you can install an Infratech patio heater there. For restaurant owners with a small entrance or who don’t have space inside to wait, patio heaters and custom winter shelters are an ideal solution. You will keep your customers warm, which will make them happy to wait their turn to enter your restaurant.

  1. Protection from the sun’s UV rays

The sun is just as dangerous in the winter as it is in the summer. The snow and ice reflect the rays, which sometimes makes it even more dangerous than it is in the summer. To protect your furniture and your customers outside, awnings and commercial winter shelters are an excellent solution.

  1. A commercial winter shelter protects your customers from the elements

Your winter shelter is a space that protects your employees and your customers from the vagaries of the winter climate. The weather conditions in Quebec are ruthless in the winter, which makes installing a winter shelter very beneficial.

A shelter protects against wind, rain, snow, and ice. Defending your patrons against the weather conditions is a great way to retain your customers. They will undoubtedly appreciate this little extra effort for their comfort.

In addition, companies specializing in custom awnings usually offer multiple customization options, such as:

  • Door and window awnings
  • Banners and lettering

Set yourself apart from your competitors by investing in a custom commercial awning or winter shelter.

  1. Brand recognition

We strongly recommend requesting a quote from a specialized company for your shelter. That way, you will have high-quality shelters made to measure. Most companies also offer turnkey service. You can also add lettering and use your shelter to increase your visibility on the street.

Your customers will quickly and easily recognize you. You will also be able to choose a style with colors that perfectly match your brand image.

Specialized companies offer a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns. For example, Groupe Bellon Prestige offers you more than 500 patterns and fabrics to customize your commercial winter shelter.

  1. The ultimate protection for moving around your establishment

Besides shelters for smokers and entry doors, there are many other options, such as:

  • Shelters for vehicles
  • For storage
  • Walkway-type to protect sidewalks, fences, and balconies
  • For people with reduced mobility
  • Carport-style
  • Hybrids that combine different types of shelters

Hybrid shelters offer optimal protection in the winter. For example, using a walkway shelter and a specialized winter shelter will allow your employees to get out of their cars in a protected area and walk to the establishment with the same protection.

If you’re looking for the perfect company where you can buy a commercial winter shelter, contact Groupe Bellon Prestige now. We are pleased to take on custom projects.

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