Case Study: The Bateau-Mouche

The Bateau-Mouche is one of the most popular attractions in the Old Port, and not without good reasons. Inaugurated in 1992 for the 350th anniversary of Montreal, the Bateau-Mouche was an instant success. 

Since then, the Bateau-Mouche had to adapt to the ever-growing demand. They had to widen it repeatedly to welcome more people. The base structure gives it a total length of 36.88 m. Since its conception, more than a million visitors have been welcomed aboard, and more than 400,000 meals have been served there.

You can understand how proud we are to have participated in such an amazing project. Discover now how we contributed to the success of this fantastic project!

The Bateau-Mouche Needs an Outdoor Commercial Curtain!

Despite the resounding success of the Bateau-Mouche in Montreal Old Port, customers and employees show discomfort. Why? Summer in Quebec and on the St. Lawrence River is incredibly hot. The heat increased rapidly inside the Bateau-Mouche and easily reached 32 degrees Celsius. 

The owner was looking for an aesthetic solution to decrease the temperature aboard. The use of air conditioning helped for a few years, but after many magnifications, another solution was needed.

The Bateau-Mouche Problem

In 2005–2006, the Bateau-Mouche owner contacted our team and explained the problem in detail so that we could understand the situation. Our awnings and outdoor commercial curtain specialist offered to use a white curtain for the boat’s windows.

As soon as the contract was signed, production began. Our installers then went on-site to proceed to the installation of the Bateau-Mouche brand new outdoor commercial curtain.

Following the installation of their new outdoor commercial curtain, the Bateau-Mouche won the IFAI excellence award in 2006. IFAI is a non-profit organization serving businesses in the specialized fabrics industry. It is a professional association of member companies representing the international specialized fabric market. Member companies vary in size from one-person stores to multinational corporations. IFAI is the largest and most comprehensive trade association serving this industry.

The Result

After the installation of our outdoor commercial curtain, we observed an immediate drop in temperature on board. It dropped from 10 to 20 degrees inside the Bateau-Mouche. As a result, the installation of an outdoor commercial curtain has had the effect of increasing the comfort of customers and employees, in addition to lowering the cost of air conditioning for the Bateau-Mouche.

Thirteen years later, in 2019, the owner of the Bateau-Mouche contacted us again. Even though the outdoor commercial curtain was still in good condition after 13 years, the Bateau-Mouche needed a color makeover. Our specialist offered to change for blue so that it would match with the water. 

We then proceeded to cover with Sunbrella Canva, which gives a nice aesthetic touch to the boat while also keeping the temperature low in the cabin. 

You can deduce from this project that:

  • Our outdoor commercial curtain is durable (more than 13 years with the Bateau-Mouche and still in good condition!)
  • The addition of an outdoor commercial curtain reduces air conditioning costs and increase the comfort of both customers and employees;
  • The outdoor commercial curtain also provides a higher rate of customer satisfaction, which in turn makes them more likely to speak well about the company. Good word of mouth increases your sales and helps you achieve your business goals;
  • You also get a higher satisfaction rate from your employees, which is not insignificant either. After all, satisfied employees mean more productivity and retention!

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