Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant: 4 Tricks in the Era of COVID-19

Attracting customers to your restaurant during a pandemic is no easy task. Although the Quebec government announced that restaurants could reopen on June 15, the public is still hesitant. Many Quebecers are also doing their grocery shopping online to avoid public places.

COVID-19 has also brought its share of changes to our work habits. For example, many companies are now opting for remote work and Zoom meetings. This means fewer people who are eating out during their lunch break.

With the summer looking nice and warm, the reopening of restaurants is synonymous with patio evenings with a nice beer in good company. For restaurant owners, that means it’s time to break out the tables, patio umbrellas, and chairs to welcome your customers properly. In the era of the coronavirus, the layout of your restaurant patio becomes crucial.

Restaurant owners: we offer you a handy little guide to attracting customers to your restaurant despite the pandemic.

Attracting customers to your restaurant: it’s all about communication

Do your customers know you’re open? If not, there are several ways to rectify this situation quickly.


For restaurants with a Facebook page, here are a few simple tips to help you.

  • Add your new schedule to the “About” section of your business page.
  • Post regularly so that your customers see that you’ve resumed your activities.
  • Add professional photos that will stimulate your customers’ appetites and encourage them to return to your restaurant.

Ideally, if you have a small advertising budget, you can also invest in ad placements on Facebook.

Google My Business

Are you familiar with the Google My Business platform? If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, let’s just say that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Head to the Google My Business site now to create your Business Profile.

Once on the site, update your schedule. Many consumers turn to Google and the opinions of their friends to choose a restaurant. Make sure that when a customer searches your restaurant, they can quickly find out whether your establishment is open.

Much like Facebook, you can entice your customers with attractive photos. Like it or not, the first impression is so important. Don’t hesitate to call on a professional photographer to get beautiful pictures of your establishment, your meals, and your layout.

Delivery is still quite popular

Although Quebecers like to get together, some still prefer to eat at home. Offering delivery service is worthwhile, especially during a pandemic. To simplify your customers’ lives, don’t hesitate to sign up for services such as Uber Eats.

Like any online purchase, photos are the first impression, so it’s a good idea to highlight your dishes by adding photos of them to restaurant apps. By being present on these apps, you will collect additional income, and you can promote your service offerings.

The first impression: a key element in attracting customers to your restaurant

With deconfinement starting, people will be taking advantage of this opportunity to go out more and more often. To catch the eye of your target customer, it’s a good idea to invest in a custom awning.

In addition to being attractive, the awning lets you improve the overall experience of your customers by offering them shade. In addition, with the right lettering, you can easily make your establishment recognized. Given that the attention span of the average human is about 8 seconds, it’s a good idea to put your brand name in front of it.

How to successfully make your first impression

We highly recommend turning to an expert in awnings and outdoor layout. Rather than going to a big box store, it’s best to entrust your projects to a specialist. Groupe Bellon Prestige has been helping individuals and merchants arrange their patios properly since 1895.

Interested in attracting customers to your restaurant and increasing your income during the summer? Start patio season off on the right foot by calling on our outdoor layout experts.

If you have any questions about our service, contact us! An experienced member of our team will be pleased to take your call.

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