Arranging a Restaurant Patio: 3 Tips to Do It Right

It goes without saying that properly arranging your restaurant patio is an undeniable competitive advantage when the hot season arrives. Have you already thought about how you will arrange yours? Handling the outdoor layout of their restaurant is a challenge for any restaurant owner. There are many elements to consider besides how to place your tables and maximize the use of space. The patio offers space savings during the hot season, but you still need to know how to arrange it properly.

comment bien amenager terrasse restaurant

Having a well-arranged patio is also a great way to attract attention from potential customers, so it’s crucial to know the right tricks to arrange a patio to maximize your income. Fortunately, thanks to the many years of experience of our outdoor layout experts, we can help you.

Discover our 3 expert tips to properly arrange your restaurant patio before summer arrives.

  1. How to properly arrange your restaurant patio: carefully consider your space

One of the most common mistakes made by restaurant owners who have a patio is not maximizing the use of their outdoor space. Having a patio isn’t just about placing tables and chairs. For the comfort of your customers and employees, it’s important to properly calculate the distances between objects. Take the time to draw up a patio plan that will optimize your income as well as everyone’s comfort. After all, a “saturated” patio will result in the discomfort of your servers and customers.

By maximizing your space and considering everyone’s comfort, you will offer your customers a memorable experience. This is how your customers become loyal to your patio and come back or tell others about you.

  1. Add fixed awnings to your patio

Another good way to increase the comfort level of your customers is to have a fixed patio awning installed. Not only will you protect your customers from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but you will also improve the appearance of your patio. Groupe Bellon Prestige offers a wide variety of colours and patterns for patio awning fabrics. You can therefore easily arrange your restaurant patio with colours that represent you.

If your patio is on the smaller side or you can’t install a fixed patio awning, consider adding umbrellas. That way, you will increase the comfort of your customers. We also offer a wide selection of colours and patterns for our umbrella fabrics.

Don’t overlook the power of lettering!

You can also add lettering to your awnings, either by adorning them with your company logo or the name of your restaurant. This is an excellent marketing technique for restaurant owners. It also adds an aesthetic touch to your patio.

Lettering is a great way to catch the eye of potential customers when they are near your business. Human beings have a very low attention span, so being recognized quickly is an undeniable advantage for restaurant owners.

  1. Extend the season with patio heaters

Do you want to extend patio season? Consider adding a patio heater to your outdoor layout. Your customers can therefore enjoy your patio on sunny but cool days while being comfortable. In this way, you can take advantage of your additional outdoor space and maximize your income while keeping your customers warm. The comfort of your customers is essential to ensuring that they have a good time at your establishment. A patio heater is therefore an asset for any good restaurant owner with a patio.

For additional restaurant patio layout tips, contact us. Our outdoor layout experts will be happy to take your call.

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