Winter shelter for the front door: how to choose yours?

Winter is coming and you want to invest in a front door winter shelter? We’re happy to help.

Winter is a magical season where you can enjoy sporting activities such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding. Unfortunately, it is also the time of walkway shoveling and car clearing in the morning before going to work. Whether it takes 5 or 20 minutes, that’s wasted time you can’t make up for an unnecessarily wasted energy.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix yet to make the snow disappear with a snap of your fingers. A custom winter shelter allows you to avoid the drudgery of shoveling and save your winter!

By installing a tempo shelter for your front door, you save time and energy in the morning. So you can spend more time doing what you love, in addition, to reduce the risk of falls and injuries. 

What is the difference between a Canadian Tire front door tempo shelter and a custom shelter? Find out all the reasons why our experts recommend opting for custom made.

Where can I find a front door shelter?

It’s possible to find a front door shelter in some big box stores such as Canadian Tire and Réno Dépôt. However, there are some key things to consider before making your purchase.

  • Price: The purchase of a front door winter shelter is an investment. Big box stores often offer less expensive shelters. However, in the long term, a custom-made shelter from a specialized company is a much more advantageous solution. 
  • Tips: You also won’t receive the same advice from a big box store clerk as a winter shelter specialist. The clerks have no real subject knowledge. Only a specialist can guide you if you have any questions regarding shelter maintenance or storage.
  • Dimensions: Each entrance is unique. Entrusting your investment to an inexperienced person who doesn’t know your entrance’s dimensions could prove to be a costly error in time and money. 

For all these reasons, our custom awnings and winter shelters experts strongly recommend the purchase of a custom solution. Companies specializing in the design and installation of custom winter shelters know the different subtleties of tempo style shelters. Their experts can therefore advise you adequately depending on the type of shelter chosen.

In addition, an expert can come to take measurements directly at your home to adapt the offer to your home. Big box stores usually offer one, sometimes two models of entryways. It’s hard to know if these models are suitable until you have them installed. You don’t have to worry about this by opting for a custom-made shelter.

What to consider when buying a front door winter shelter?

Your district’s legislation

Not all municipalities allow the installation of temporary winter shelter. An employee at a big box store will also not be able to confirm when you can install or take down your shelter. A custom winter shelter expert will be able to better equip you and even help you if you need to apply for a permit.

Installing your front door tempo shelter

It’s possible to set up your shelter if you have 2 or 3 friends ready to help you. However, if your shelter is improperly installed, the structure could collapse and fall on you. A poorly installed shelter could cause serious injury or, in the worst case, even prove fatal.

By calling on specialists, you can be sure your shelter will be properly installed and safe. Experts use the best tools so your shelter can withstand winter weather as long as possible.

Where to store your shelter at the end of winter?

At the end of winter, it’s important to store your shelter properly to conserve your canvas as long as possible. It’s crucial to choose a heated and dry place.  Big box stores do not offer you storage service. Your choice will therefore be to store your canvas in your garage if you have one.

By choosing a company like Groupe Bellon Prestige, you can store your canvas and structure in one of our heated, insured, and secure premises until spring arrives.

How to buy your front door shelter?

Since 1895, the Groupe Bellon Prestige is a specialist in the design of custom-made awnings and winter shelters.

To buy your custom-made shelter, request a quote by clicking on the button to make a request. You can also call or email us at [email protected].

Following your request, an expert will contact you and chat with you to fully understand your needs. Then he comes over to take the measurements and give you a fast and free quote. 

When the quote is accepted, our craftsmen get to work designing your shelter. It will take about 3 or 4 weeks for its completion. We also take care of the installation for you. We also offer you to opt for our turnkey solution. Our team will then take care of the installation, takedown and storage of your front door winter shelter after the cold season.

For any questions regarding our products or services, contact us! A member of our team will take your call and talk to you with great pleasure.

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