Winter Car Shelter: How to Shop for One

In Quebec, winter often starts way before we expect it, which is why it’s important to shop for your winter car shelter as soon as possible. Waking up one morning and realizing we need to shovel and that we’ll be late for work is rarely pleasant. 

Furthermore, the shovelling of your parking can cause several problems, such as:

  • A loss of energy and time;
  • A danger if you are cardiac or are a person with reduced mobility, or handicapped;
  • Even with impeccable health, falling and back injuries are not entirely inevitables;

A winter shelter purchase isn’t something you can take lightly. There are several advantages to choose the right winter car shelter in Montreal, such as saving time, the significant reduction of injuries as well as a supplementary protection against severe weather. 

To help you shop better for your next winter car shelter, here are some judicious questions to ask when you start shopping for one.

1. What Are the Municipal By-Laws in Effect at My Address?

Some municipalities allow the use of winter shelters. Some prohibits them entirely. Before you start shopping, it is therefore of paramount importance that you take your time and check the installation rules for temporary carports in your municipality. Doing this will ensure you avoid a frustrating situation. You could also ask a tempo shelter expert; they will be able to help you.

2. Should I talk to an expert?

Winter car shelters are an important investment. They are a complex product, which is why it’s preferable to discuss with someone who’s knowledgeable about this type of shelter. Even if you could potentially find a winter car shelter in a supermarket, you couldn’t possibly receive quality help. The staff on floor wouldn’t be able to guide you like an expert would.

Furthermore, an expert will be able to give you important details that a regular staff can’t possibly know. Some details can be important to consider when you decide to buy and install a winter car shelter. To avoid accidents and bad surprises, we highly suggest you consult an expert.

3. Rent or Buy?


If you wish to rent a winter car shelter, you have to look carefully into your contract and make sure that details on the assembly, disassembly and storage are there. Do not hesitate to ask questions to reassure yourself that there is no hidden supplementary fees. The main advantage of renting is the fact that you can store your winter car shelter. However, you might not have control on the assembly and disassembly dates. It’s important to look at the allowed dates by your municipality to avoid fines. 


When you buy, you have the possibility of assembling or disassembling your shelter whenever you want. The main disadvantage is to store your shelter. Depending on your budget, it’s still possible to use a storage service.

However, before storing, make sure that your shelter is in a heated, secured and insured location as to avoid bad surprises at the next season. 

It’s also possible to ask experts to assemble, disassemble and store your shelter. On short term, renting is more economical, but not if you plan to have a winter car shelter for long term. It’s also important to verify that you have the space to store your shelter if you ever decide to do it yourself.

4. Are there any norms to respect?

Since 2015, a new norm has been established to make winter car shelter safer. In fact, several accidents happened between 2008 and 2009 because of winter shelter collapses. The norm aims to supervise the production of winter shelters and reduce the risk of accidents caused by shelters collapsing. 

When you shop for your new winter shelter, ask if the BNQ norm is respected. If it isn’t the case, you should probably reconsider your options. It is preferable to invest in a good shelter than take the risk of an accident. It’s also important to check if your municipality demands that a shelter respect that norm.What are my guarantees

5. What are my guarantees?

Do not hesitate to ask questions on your guarantees so everything is clear. It’s also important to make sure the guarantee is clear, concise and written on paper. Some manufacturers don’t offer guarantees on the structure, and some other manufacturers can guarantee it for 10 years. 

The guarantee on the fabric is sometimes different than the structure. You should also always ask about weight capacity for your shelter. 

  • The anchorage type a specialist should be able to give you important information on the anchorage type to use for your space. According to the ground, the anchorage type will change. You should also make sure that there’s enough anchorages to guarantee the safety of your shelter. The goal is that your shelter be able to withstand bad or severe weather for the entire season, after all.
  • The fabric type : Ask for specifications such as BNQ norm, fabric type and thickness.
  • Structure : Snow weight capacity. 

Having a good winter car shelter before winter come is a good way to avoid injuries and to protect yourself against the climate vagaries. Your winter tasks are lightened so you can enjoy your winter to the fullest. Whether you decide to rent or buy, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If you foresee using a winter shelter in long term, it is more economical to buy. 

You can also use a turnkey service, such as the service offered by Groupe Bellon Prestige. When winter comes knocking, we install your shelters and when winter comes, we proceed to the disassembly of your shelter. We can also store your shelters in a safe, heated and insured space.

Buying the right winter car shelter can be complex. Do not hesitate to consult experts! We are happy to put our expertise at your disposition. 

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