Infratech Patio Heater: Taking Advantage of Your Patio in the Era of Deconfinement

Have you ever considered buying an Infratech patio heater? If you have a patio, this is a major asset in the age of deconfinement.

Summer is the perfect season to have fun with friends. When the mercury rises, enjoying a glass of wine with friends creates memorable moments. Unfortunately, confinement has recently paralyzed all of Quebec. It was therefore impossible to go out and socialize. It’s still impossible to take a vacation elsewhere in the world to escape due to the pandemic. That’s why it’s important to invest in the layout of your patio and to improve it.

Investing in beautiful outdoor furniture is a good first step. If you’re the type to chat away until the wee hours of the morning, acquiring an Infratech patio heater will be very useful to you.

Buying a patio heater isn’t a purchase to take lightly. There are many aspects to consider. As patio awning and outdoor layout experts, we give you some sound advice to choose the right patio heater.

What is a patio heater?

A patio heater is an outdoor heating appliance. To heat your space, you can choose between electric or gas devices. They also appear in several forms, such as umbrella heaters or Infratech electric patio heaters.

Depending on your budget, you can find them in big box stores or from specialized companies.

Gas or electric patio heater?

Although gas patio heaters are better suited to large areas, electric models have many advantages. Here are some of these advantages:

  • Aesthetics: Electric patio heaters blend in with the decor;
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of these appliances is minimal compared to gas devices, which require regular maintenance, such as buying gas cylinders;
  • Automation: Another advantage of electric systems is that they can be automated thanks to home automation;
  • Odourless: Gas patio heaters give off odours. This isn’t the case with Infratech patio heaters.

Big box store or specialist?

Large retailers often have the ability to give rebates and discounts. They can therefore offer you patio heaters at lower prices than specialists. They are also able to offer home delivery if you buy online, which can be an appealing argument.

However, shopping at Costco or Canadian Tire also has undeniable disadvantages. Once your device has arrived at your home, how do you install it? Although they come with instructions, it can be quite complex to install an outdoor heating system. Installing a patio heater is no small task, especially if you plan to embed it in a ceiling or hang it on the wall. You will therefore need to do business with a certified electrician to help you.

By doing business with a specialist, you:

  • Can rest assured that your purchase will be sufficient to heat the entire area of your patio;
  • Know at what height you should place your patio heater so that everyone in your living space can take full advantage of the heat;
  • Get recommendations on certified electricians thanks to the specialist’s network;
  • Benefit from high-quality after-sales service. For example, if one of the lamps doesn’t work properly, there is no problem. You can quickly and easily replace it. You just have to call your specialist and you will have an expert to help you. At a big box store, the after-sales service isn’t at the same level of quality.

Knowing whether the patio heater will be sufficient for the space and the ideal position of your patio heater is quite complex, but not for someone with experience in patio heaters. You can therefore receive sound advice from a specialist, while a clerk at a big box store won’t be able to help you.

We’re the experts in patio heaters.

Rather than turning to a department store, we invite you to come shop for your Infratech patio heater at Groupe Bellon Prestige.

Our company offers custom awnings to beautify your patios and protect you from the sun’s UV rays. We’re also specialists in custom electric patio heaters. We invite you to take a look at our patio heater page to discover our selection.

Interested in keeping warm? Send us a message via Messenger or submit an online quote request. We will put you in touch with an experienced member as soon as possible.

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