How to do your Gazebo set up for summer?

Knowing how to landscape your gazebo is an art and is much more important than you might think. Every day, we face a lot of stress. Relaxing in a well-designed haven is a good way to deal with daily stresses such as work, family, children, etc.

It is important to take time for yourself and rest. A good life balance is crucial to staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

To rest well, it is important to organize your environment. Personalizing your home to look like you is a great way to cope with stress day after day.

A well-designed home allows you to have rest areas where you can get away from the outside world. Far too many people neglect the backyard. A backyard should be laid out like any other room in the house.

If you have purchased or are considering the purchase of a garden shelter in the near future, it is a good start to properly landscaping your backyard. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your landscaping and patio set so that your garden can become your own little piece of paradise.

Discover now the judicious advice of our experts to learn how to set up your gazebo for the summer.

How to choose outdoor furniture

Several materials are available for your outdoor furniture. Take into consideration your budget, the durability of the materials and the style you wish to achieve. We recommend chairs and tables as a minimum to properly furnish your garden shed.

  • Plastic: Suitable for small budgets, but not the most durable;

  • Synthetic Rattan: Low maintenance and durable. Unfortunately, it is a difficult material to repair in case of breakage ;

  • Aluminum: This material is lightweight, durable and will not rust if left in the rain;

  • Wood: Fits well in an outdoor setting, but must be well maintained;

Personalizing your gazebo set up

Whether you want to avoid mosquito bites or the prying eyes of your neighbors, it is important to think of a way to get good shelter. Summer curtains, canopy gazebos and outdoor blinds are an excellent solution.

Summer curtains

We strongly recommend that at least mosquito nets and a solar blanket be used. This will allow you to enjoy your gazebo while being protected against harmful insects, the sun’s harmful UV rays, and unwanted looks.

store exterieur sur mesure

Exterior blinds

Blinds offer you protection with a unique design. They can accommodate all types of temperatures. Groupe Bellon Prestige offers several renowned brands such as Rainier, Mitajvila, Brustor and Corradi.

rideaux d'été sur mesure

Cushions made to measure

Do you like to read a book while lying on a chaise longue? A nap or a suntan on your balcony sounds like an attractive option? You could ask for custom-made cushions that match the color of your curtains or blinds. We are able to offer you a wide selection of fabrics and patterns.

The importance of storage

If you choose summer curtains, it is important to think about how you will store them at the end of the summer. We strongly advise against storing damp curtains in a place that is not dry, heated, or secure. You risk unwinding an unpleasant surprise next season.

If you own a garage, check that you have enough space to put your curtains aside. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our superior quality storage service. Our experts will come to you, remove the curtain and store it in our 35,000 square-foot plant, which is secure, heated, and insured.

Why trust Groupe Bellon Prestige

Our company has more than 125 years of experience in exterior landscaping and in the design of custom awnings and shelters. We are the company to contact for a custom awning or gazebo project.

In addition to our unparalleled experience, we offer a wide variety of related after-sales services such as :

  • Storage in our heated, insured and secure factory

  • Cleaning and re-waterproofing

  • Repairs

In addition, we ensure delivery within 4 weeks. Do not hesitate to ask for a quick and free quote. An awning expert will come to your home to take measurements and give you a price as quickly as possible. Once the quote is accepted, the production of your awning will begin.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. An experienced member of our team will gladly take your call.

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