A uniquely designed protection


Global blind companies such as Rainier, Corradi, Brustor, Mitjavila and BAT all share one interest, the exterior comfort. Designed for the city or the suburbs, a blind is a product that will accommodate you for all types of temperature.


Motorized only, the Rainier vertical blind is available in several fabrics and any sizes up to 25’ large. Equipped with a zip system and one sliding rail on each side, the blind is armed with a weight bar at the bottom which allows it to remain in place.


Corradi, a high-end product from Italy, has the possibility to integrate blinds on the structure of the awning. Manual or motorized, these blinds are also incorporated into a cassette with a weight bar at the bottom. An abundance of sizes, materials and colors are available; you simply have to discuss it with one of our representatives.


Designed in Belgium, the Brustor blind system is integrated in its respective aluminium structure. Available in an opaque, solar canvas or mosquito net, the maximum size is 19’ wide and 11’ high. By ordering this product motorized, it will give you total comfort with just one click of a button.


Ideal to protect you against sun or normal winds, Mitjavila holds a range of manual or motorized blinds with guides. With or without cassette, it will hold in place with the 2 stainless steel guides and with the weight bar located at the bottom of the blind. Placed on a slide, it can be delivered in vinyl, mosquito net or solar canvas.


Manufactured by Mitjavila and BAT, they offer the possibility of adding a blind to your retractable awning. Integrated in the front bar of the awning and available in solar canvas only, it holds a maximum of 19’ wide and 4’ high. These blinds are perfect to protect your eyes from the sun.

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Tech Sheet

Protection Sun, wind, rain, snow, insects

Fabrics Opaque textile, solar fabric, screening, vinyl

Materials Stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel

Seasons 3 and 4 seasons

Installation Fixed roof, stationary awning, retractable awning

Options Manual or motorized movement

Services Installation, repairs, cleaning, storage

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