Ideas on How to Choose Your Outdoor Patio Curtains

Choosing the right outdoor patio curtains is an art: there are many elements to keep in mind to find the right ones.

Even though winter isn’t quite over yet, many patio owners see spring coming and start thinking about their outdoor space. While others think about travelling, some think about outdoor curtains, shade sails, and patio decoration.

Being well prepared before the summer is definitely an advantage for a patio owner. After all, the best time to plan is before the summer. Otherwise, you might get caught in traffic and have to wait longer to receive your custom products. By contacting your experts before May, your patio can be well equipped even before the start of the warm season.

This year, we strongly recommend outdoor curtains to complement your patio. In addition to protecting you from the sun’s rays, curtains offer you unmatched privacy. No more prying eyes from the neighbours while you’re relaxing on your patio!

To help you, here is some sound advice from our outdoor landscaping experts on choosing the right outdoor patio curtains.

Outdoor Winter Patio Curtains

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you don’t still want to go outside. For those who like to get some fresh air even in the winter, winter curtains are an ideal solution for you.

Winter curtains are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and the whims of Quebec winters. They are also manufactured with the best materials in the industry. Besides the cold, they offer you optimal protection from:

  • wind;
  • sun;
  • rain;
  • and prying eyes.

In addition, installing winter curtains prevents snow from accumulating on your patio. Groupe Bellon Prestige also offers a variety of fabrics, such as acrylic, vinyl, and polypropylene.

To enjoy your patio even in November, you could also purchase a patio heater to go with your outdoor curtains.

Choosing your Outdoor Curtains: Summer Curtains

Summer curtains let you personalize your outdoor space and add a living area to your home.

Another advantage of outdoor curtains for the summer is that you can choose automated or manual models. If you go with automated, you can control them from your fingertip. All you need is a smart device.

We currently offer 3 types of summer curtains: fixed, windable, or sliding. You can also choose the closing method. For example, we offer curtains that close with buttons or Velcro straps.

Having summer curtains means offering yourself optimal protection from wind, insects, and UV rays. In addition, we offer a wide variety of fabrics, which allows you to match your curtains to your decor.

Our Options for Outdoor Patio Curtains

Our rails are made from aluminum or galvanized steel. They are durable and will support your curtains for many years. We also offer multiple fabric options, such as mosquito netting, solar shades, and clear vinyl or opaque acrylic fabrics. Don’t hesitate to speak with our experienced team members to find the option that meets all your needs.

Complement Your Patio with a Patio Heater

To extend patio season, choosing your outdoor curtains is a must. What if we told you that you could extend it even further with a patio heater? We highly recommend buying an Infratech electric patio heater to go with your outdoor curtains.

  • A patio heater heats surfaces and objects. Even in case of strong wind, you will be warm.
  • An outdoor electric heating system requires no maintenance or tank refills. In addition, these systems are energy-efficient.
  • Much like your curtains, your patio heater can be automated thanks to home automation, so you could have complete control of your patio from your mobile phone.

To keep in mind

If you’re buying summer curtains, you should consider storing them in late fall. We recommend not keeping them at the bottom of your garage. Instead, opt for a dry, heated, and secure location. If you don’t have space at home, we offer a storage service at our 35,000-square-foot factory.

We also offer a turnkey service where we install and disassemble your shelters, awnings, and curtains before the start of summer and at the end of fall. Our team can also take care of the cleaning and waterproofing or repair of your canvases.

Entrust Your Outdoor Patio Curtains to Groupe Bellon Prestige

Since 1895, Groupe Bellon Prestige has offered custom awnings and outdoor curtain design, manufacturing, and installation services. We are a real benchmark in the field.

To start a custom project with our experts, contact us now. One of our experienced representatives will come to you to discuss your project. Then, we will take measurements and submit our quote to you as quickly as possible. This service is offered free of charge. As soon as the quote is accepted, our artisans get to work at our factory.

Choosing your outdoor patio curtains can be a real challenge, but with the help of Groupe Bellon Prestige, you can’t go wrong!

If you have any questions about our products or services, contact us. A member of our team will be pleased to take your call and speak with you.

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