How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Home Awning

Do you want to have a residential patio awning installed but don’t know how to choose the colour of your awning? Our awning experts will be pleased to provide their knowledge to you.

Summer is vacation season. That’s why many Quebecers want to take a trip to the South. Some even bought their plane tickets at the start of the new year. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has upset travellers’ vacation plans. Although the pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our summer to the fullest.

This is where the layout of our homes becomes important. Even though we can’t travel internationally, nothing is stopping us from turning the backyard into a little piece of paradise. There are many patio layout options. Many people opt for custom awnings, since they add a certain cachet to the home while allowing the residents to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If choosing an awning doesn’t seem so complicated, knowing how to choose the colour of your awning is more complex. Whether you have a fixed or retractable awning, it’s important to know what colour will highlight your patio. Our guide is therefore of great assistance to those who want to learn how to choose the colour of their awning.

Determine the palette 

Have you ever heard the term “colour palette?” This term refers to a colour chart containing several different shades. Long before the arrival of graphic design and computer graphics, painters used a colour palette to create different paint colours. These days, colour palettes are used in graphic design as well as in interior and exterior design.

How to use a colour palette

comment se servir palette couleur

On the internet, you can find many tools that can help you create palettes. Our experts decided to work with the Coolors tool to simplify the process.

How to choose the right colour for your awning: determine the main colour

choisir couleur auvent

The first step is to determine what the main colour of your awning will be. To do this, we recommend looking at what the current trends are. You can also check out the Pantone trend guide and discover the colour of the year and other interesting colour ideas.

Once you’ve established what your main colour will be, you can add it to your colour palette.

couleur auvent

With the Coolors tool, you just have to click the little lock to indicate to the tool that you want to save this colour in your memory. Then, press Space to generate a new colour palette. If you see colours that you like in the suggested palettes, you can also add them. Move your mouse over them and click the lock when it appears.

comment faire pour choisir couleur auvent

You have your colour palette

Have you found some colours that you like? Congratulations! At the top left, you will be able to export the palette as an image or PDF file. We strongly recommend saving it as a PDF file on your computer.

You can now use this palette to choose all the colours for your patio. This includes the outdoor furniture, umbrellas, or cushions that you will add to your patio layout. 

When the time comes to request a fast, free quote, we suggest doing business with a certified specialist. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on your custom awning.

Why choose Groupe Bellon Prestige ?

Since 1895, we’ve been helping individuals give some cachet to their backyard. We specialize in the design of custom awnings. Our team is therefore highly qualified to teach you how to choose the right colour for your awning.

In addition to offering the most beautiful awnings in Quebec, we also offer many related services, such as:

To receive a fast, free quote, don’t hesitate to call us or submit your request on our website. We offer you a selection of over 500 fabric colours at our 35,000-square-foot warehouse.

How does an awning purchase proceed?

Quote & Measurement Service:

  • One of our representatives comes to make a quote and take the initial measurements.
  • Once the quote is accepted and signed, our project manager will come to you to take the exact measurements.
  • Our service is offered with or without an appointment. 

If you need additional assistance to know how to choose the right colour for your awning, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be pleased to guide you.

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