What type of winter shelter do you need?

Considering buying a shelter, but not sure which type of winter shelter to choose? Rest assured, our experts are here to help.

Taking advantage of winter to ski, skate or snowshoe can be very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of snowstorms, ice, shoveling and clearing. 

Having to remove snow from your car and driveway while avoiding being late for work is a real mental and physical chore. Juggling these issues while trying not to slip and hurt yourself, that’s also what Quebec winters are like. Not only do you waste precious time every day after a snowfall, but you risk getting injured. Which could prevent you from fully enjoying the winter season or even from working?

A winter tempo style shelter is a guarantee to save time in the morning and a significant reduction in the risk of injuries and falls. However, not all driveways are the same, and needs vary greatly between people.

How do you determine what type of winter shelter you really need? Here are some tips and tricks from our winter shelter experts to help you out.

What type of winter shelter to choose?

Tempo style shelters

The tempo style shelter is without a doubt one of the most popular choices in Quebec. It can be used to cover your driveway as it can your house door. Tempo style shelters are great for avoiding the harsh winter weather. They also have a flame retardant polyethylene canvas. So you never have to worry about snow or your canvas catching fire.

They are also available in the following formats:

  • Single car
  • Double car

Carport shelter

We also have a solution for those who have less space to install a shelter. It’s possible to attach the shelter to your residence’s wall by choosing a carport shelter. Depending on your needs, these shelters can be anchored to the wall with cement, concrete, or wood.

Walkway Shelter

What type of shelter should you choose if you want to protect pedestrian surfaces? Walkway shelters are a good solution. They protect the areas where you walk to reduce the risk of falls and accidents. These shelters are custom made to protect sidewalks, steps, and balconies.

Shelter for disabled

If a family member has reduced mobility, a winter shelter for the disabled is there to protect them. They can cover house entrances as well as ramps and lifts. These shelters are designed to protect you and your family members.

As these shelters are custom made, you can protect any surface. 

Non-standard shelter

Ideal for protecting large investments such as a swimming pool, spa, space or valuables. Non-standard shelters are custom made with  a 4 seasons Canadian polyethylene canvas. 

What to remember?

Depending on the size of the surface to be protected, it’s important to know which type of winter shelter to choose. Buying a winter shelter is a big investment. Therefore, it’s important to entrust it to a specialist who has the required knowledge on the subject. A clerk in a big box store will not be able to guide you as a specialist if you have questions.

To simply cover your driveway, a tempo or carport shelter is sufficient. To cover a pedestrian walkway or to protect a person with reduced mobility, we recommend the walkway type shelter or the disabled shelter.

Finally, if you want to protect a very large area or valuables, the non-standard shelter is the best solution. 

How to buy your winter shelter?

Since 1895, Groupe Bellon Prestige specializes in the design and installation of custom winter shelters.

If you are unsure what type of winter shelter is right for your needs, our experts are here for you. We come out, take measurements, and prepare our fast and free estimate as quickly as possible. Our team also takes care of the installation and uninstallation of your shelter. This way you can rest assured your shelter is safe and avoid the risk of tragic accidents.

Do you have questions about our products and services? Contact us. Our team will chat with you with great pleasure.

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