Should you choose a custom awning or Costco?

Should you choose a custom awning or an awning from Costco?

Do you hesitate between buying a custom awning or a Costco awning? With the end of spring on the horizon and the return of mild temperatures, patio owners are debating the best solution for their patio. After all, we want to enjoy the summer. Some take advantage of this time to plan their summer trips while others begin to think about the layout of their backyard.

When the month of May knocks on patio owners’ doors, it’s often at this time they decide to replace their old awning with a custom awning. On the other hand, did you know custom awnings have manufacturing deadlines? Indeed, to have a superior quality awning, it takes at least 3 weeks for the:

  • Taking of measurements;
  • Design;
  • Finishing;
  • Installation;

Some patio owners therefore make the choice of buying their awning at Costco to benefit from their patio more quickly. Is this investment really worth it? Our awning experts invite you to discover the answer to this question in our complete file on the subject.

Buying an awning at Costco: advantages and disadvantages

Like any big box store purchase, buying an awning at Costco has its advantages and disadvantages. But, in the end, is it better to buy from Costco than to get a custom awning? Our experienced awning designers and installers are happy to enlighten you on the subject.


  • The main advantage of big box stores like Costco is you will have your awning quickly. If you want to be able to enjoy your patio as quickly as possible, just go to Costco to get an awning.
  • Besides the advantage of being able to get an awning at Costco quickly, their delivery is also very fast. Within 10 to 15 working days, you could have your awning delivered to your home.

The disadvantages

  • Once the awning is purchased, it’s up to you to install your awning. Installing an awning can be quite a challenge, even when you have an instruction sheet and all the parts. You will need to plan having at least two to three people to help you to install your awning. Also, if your awning is improperly installed, it could collapse and cause injury.
  • No one is immune to unpleasant surprises. Even if errors are relatively rare, it’s possible you receive the box in a funny state. Are all the parts in the box? In the event you are the victim of a mistake, this situation can quickly become frustrating and delay the installation of your awning by several days.
  • No guarantee on dimensions. In fact, unlike a custom-made awning, the awnings from Costco and other big box stores are designed in predefined dimensions. Is this awning really suitable for your patio and will it complement your layout well? Not necessarily… When the time comes for measurements, you have to consider whether your patio’s floor is sloping or not.

    Your awning’s primary function is to provide shade and protect you against UV rays. However, it’s part of your landscaping and can  bring a cachet  to your balcony when well chosen. Even if Costco offers you awnings quickly, it will not necessarily be personalized to your living environment. 
  • Customer service. Your retractable awning’s mechanism doesn’t work as well after a few weeks? If you bought your awning in a big box store, you will have to uninstall it and repack it in its original box to return it. Also, you will need to consider the store’s warranty and return policies.
  • Quality. Of course, a $500 awning will not be of the same quality as a $1,500 awning. To be able to offer you an awning at a low price, this often means the parts used are of poor quality. Your investment is therefore not as beneficial in the long term.

Custom awning: advantages and disadvantages

    • Installation service. An undeniable advantage of custom awnings is you don’t need to install the awning. When you have your awning made, a team of experienced awning installers will install it for you. So you don’t have to warn your friends to sacrifice an afternoon to help you install your new awning. Also, with the help of experienced installers, you can be sure the fabric is tight. They will also show you how to use and properly maintain your awning to ensure its durability. 
    • The guarantee of having an awning adapted to the dimensions of your patio. By having your awning made, as with Groupe Bellon Prestige, you can be sure your awning fits perfectly into your living space. Our project managers take the exact measurements and draw your awning on the computer, which ensures an impeccable result.
    • A personalized awning. You choose your colors and patterns. We offer an impressive selection of over 500 colors and patterns in our 35,000 square foot factory. Our exterior landscaping experts are at your disposal to equip you and offer you some advice.
      • Durability. $500 awnings are cheaper because parts are cheaper. it’s for this reason the mechanisms break after only two years of use and the canvas is perforated at the end of the first summer. The custom-made awnings are made of the best materials on the market and in the event of a glitch, you will have access to excellent after-sales service. Thus, your problems will be resolved quickly.
      • After sales service. In addition to being quick to resolve problems, you will also have access to a storage service at the end of the hot season. Also, if your awning loses its shine or needs to be waterproofed, you just need to call on our team’s cleaning and waterproofing services to make it look great again.


      • Delivery time. While you could receive your awning in less than 15 days with Costco, it will take you between 3 and 4 weeks to receive a custom awning. To rectify this situation, it’s preferable to order your awning as soon as possible.

A custom awning or a Costco awning? In conclusion…

A Costco awning allows you to enjoy your patio more quickly. With a delivery service within 10 to 15 working days, this speed is unbeatable. Custom awnings, on the other hand, must be measured, designed and manufactured in a factory. The time to receive and install a new awning is therefore approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

However, the benefits of custom awnings far outweigh the advantage of having your awning quickly. Your awning is durable, accompanied by guarantees and after-sales services as well as being personalized in order to match your living environment.

Contact us for any questions regarding custom awnings. An experienced member of our team will be happy to take your call.

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