Costco Gazebo : 3 things to consider before investing

The weather is nice and warm so it’s the perfect time for homeowners to invest in a Costco gazebo. For many, the month of June is also the ideal time to go on vacation and the South is a popular destination for Quebecers. On the other hand, for those who wish to enjoy the sun here, it is much more interesting to invest in their backyard! Enjoying a vacation in your backyard is one of life’s little pleasures.

Fortunately, there are many solutions to transform an ordinary backyard into a little corner of paradise. Depending on your budget and the space available, a parasol, a custom-made awning or a gazebo is an excellent investment. If you want to cover a particular area of your garden or have more privacy when enjoying your jacuzzi, a garden shed is a good solution.

Although you can purchase a shed at Costco, it is more advantageous to invest in a custom-made shed. Before investing in a big box store product, here are 3 important things to consider.

The space available for your garden shed

In order to properly choose your gazebo, we strongly recommend that you take a custom roll and determine the dimensions of your space. Also, take into consideration the slope and all the important details of your lot.

When you buy a garden shed from a big box store, you usually get the size indicated on the box. Unfortunately, in rare cases, the dimensions shown may be incorrect. It can be quite frustrating to spend several hours building your shed only to find out it is the wrong size.

This kind of hassle is impossible with a custom-made shed. You are therefore assured of a final product that will perfectly fit the shape of your yard. At Groupe Bellon Prestige, we have project managers who use the best tools in the industry to conceptualize your product.

You must assemble your Costco gazebo yourself.

Another major disadvantage of big-box stores is that you have to set up your gazebo yourself. Setting up a shelter is more complex than it looks. You will, therefore, need to call on 2-3 people to help you, in addition to making sure you have the necessary tools.

Assembling a gazebo also takes time and patience, plus there may be missing parts in your box. Although quite rare, it can be frustrating to waste time assembling a gazebo that has missing parts. You will have to unpack everything and put it back in the box, then go to the store to exchange it.

With a custom-made product, your shelter is installed by experienced installers. You will also be assured that your gazebo is assembled in a safe and durable manner.

After-sales service

Service after what? In large stores, after-sales service is minimal. Here’s what to expect if you buy your gazebo from Costco:

  • Missing parts in the box: You will have to go to the store to receive the missing parts or exchange the product, which can cause frustration and a considerable loss of time.

  • If you plan to customize your shelter with summer curtains: Big box stores do not offer a storage service as some companies that specialize in custom shelters do. You will, therefore, have to store them yourself or pay for a storage service.

  • Your canvas is dirty or damaged: There is no repair, cleaning, or waterproofing service in big-box stores.

How do you start your custom gazebo project with Groupe Bellon Prestige?

The first step is to request a quick and free quote. Once we have your contact information, our custom gazebo specialist will go to your address to discuss the project.

Our specialist will then introduce you to several of our products. You will then be invited to choose from a large selection of fabrics, more than 500 different colors and patterns. To help you, we will advise you so that the fabric and the gazebo will match the colors of your home. We will then take the measurements to offer you an estimate.

Finally, when the contract is accepted, our project managers will come back to take the exact measurements. Once the quote is accepted, the design of your custom shelter begins in our large 35,000 square foot factory. Then, our experienced installers come and install it for you.

Our after-sales service

Our company has specialized in the design of custom-made awnings and shelters for over 125 years. It is important to us that the products we offer are sustainable. That’s why we have the best craftsmen in the industry. In order to extend the life of our products, we offer many maintenance services such as :

  • Storage in a heated, secure and insured area;

  • The cleaning and re-waterproofing of the awning. We can do it for you or provide you with the best products in the industry so that you can do it yourself ;

  • Repairing if your canvas is torn or loose. We can ensure the repair as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your investment all summer long.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will gladly take your call.

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