A man uses a snow blower in his garden

Custom snowblower shelter

When it comes to protecting your outdoor equipment during winter, choosing a suitable shelter for your snowblower is essential.

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Une pergola en bois avec toile au milieu d’un jardin

Wood Pergola with Canopy

Discover the natural elegance of our wooden pergolas with canvas

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Entrance Door Awnings

If you’re tired of being hit by rain or scorching sun every time you walk out your front door, or if you want to add some charm to your façade, don’t overlook an awning.

Find out how a porch or an entrance door awning could be the ideal solution to this dilemma. Not only does it protect your entrance from the elements, but it adds a stylish touch to your home or business.

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Window Awning

Faced with the vagaries of Quebec weather, the window awning proves to be an essential solution to protect your windows. Since 1895, Groupe Bellon Prestige, a leader in the manufacture of custom awnings, has put its expertise to work for Quebecers.

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Whether you’re looking for a temporary shelter for the winter or a patio awning for the summer, we can help you. Our awning experts offer you high-end custom awnings that are perfectly tailored to your spaces. If you want to add an outdoor living space and protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays, our awnings are the ideal solution.

We can also design awnings of all shapes and sizes. Whatever the dimensions of your driveway or patio, our specialists will offer you an awning customized according to your needs.

Groupe Bellon Prestige has offered custom awning design and installation services for over 125 years. We are true leaders in the awning field. Our team is proud to offer professional service to Valleyfield residents.

What is a fixed patio awning?

A fixed patio awning is an awning that is attached to the exterior wall of your home. It is made up of a welded aluminum structure and an acrylic or vinyl fabric designed to resist:

  • UV rays
  • mould
  • rot
  • wind and rain
  • discoloration

The structure can also be self-supporting, and the acrylic fabrics are waterproof. That way, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces even when it rains.

The advantages of an awning in Valleyfield

The main advantage of an awning in Valleyfield is that it adds an extra living area to your home. An outdoor space with an awning is a little like having another room where you can relax and spend memorable moments in both good weather and bad.

In addition, by choosing a custom awning, you can match your awning to the colours of your decor. Our team offers you a selection of over 500 colours. Our specialists can also recommend a colour match if you have a colour in mind.

For the fabrics and canvases, we offer you more than 500 different colours and patterns. You can therefore easily design a unique, customized awning that meets all your needs. If you want to enjoy your patio longer, we also give you the option to have an infrared patio heater installed.

Most of our awnings are 3-season models, but we can offer you 4-season models made of aluminum or polycarbonate. These awnings are designed to be stronger and more durable, and the vinyl canvas lets the snow slide off it, without a risk of buildup on your awning.

For a high-quality awning in Valleyfield, trust our specialists.

Groupe Bellon Prestige: your team for your awning in Valleyfield

Our company has worked in the awning field for over 125 years. Our expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail make us the ideal team to design your custom awning.

In addition to the quality of our awnings and our service, we also offer our customers a multitude of related services, such as:

Whether you’re looking for an awning in Valleyfield or a simple temporary winter shelter, we can help you. In addition, our buying process is as simple as possible. First, our representative comes to take your measurements and offer you a quote. Then, once the quote has been accepted, a project manager will take the exact measurements so that we can start production as quickly as possible.

We offer our measurement service with or without an appointment, according to your preferences.

If you have any questions about our awning design and installation service in Valleyfield, contact us. We will be pleased to take your call.

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