Are you dreaming of a comfortable outdoor living space to relax, entertain your friends, or grow vines? A wood pergola with a canopy is for you! This structure, consisting of wooden posts and crosspieces to which a canvas is attached, will dazzle your guests while protecting you from the elements.

What are the advantages of a wood pergola with canopy?

When spring arrives, we often think about our outdoor layout. Regardless of the size of your patio, a custom awning is one solution to consider.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a wood or aluminum pergola. Wood pergolas are appreciated for their aesthetic appearance and their layout with the garden. This type of shelter offers undeniable benefits in terms of decor, comfort, and protection:

Its canopy cover is waterproof and resistant to UV rays

The canvas can be made of solar fabric, vinyl, or acrylic, protecting you from sun, rain, wind, and prying eyes. You just have to adjust the tension and tilt of the canvas according to your needs to create more or less shade.

The pergola beautifies your yard by giving it charm and character

Several canopy fabric styles, colours, and patterns and wood types for the structure are available to you. Decorate it with accessories such as curtains, lanterns, or even string lights.

It creates a friendly and natural outdoor space

What could be better than having an outdoor living space or a space for dining in your yard? Install outdoor furniture there (sofas, tables, chairs, etc.) and grow some ivy, jasmine, or rose bushes.

How to choose the right wood pergola with a canopy

To choose the right adjustable roof pergola, it’s necessary to take the type of wood and fabric into account, as well as the desired dimensions and shape:

Choosing a pergola with the right proportions

Take the exact measurements of your space. Then, determine the surface area you want to cover, providing clearance around the pergola to allow ample space for circulation.

Rectangular, square, hexagonal, or octagonal pergola?

It’s necessary to choose the shape that best suits the configuration of your yard and the activities you want to do there.

A canvas that’s easy to clean and replace

Your canopy fabric is easily replaceable if you want to change your style or simply refresh it.

Bellon Prestige: experts in custom wood pergolas with canopies

Do you want to create a wood pergola with a canopy tailored to your outdoor space and your budget?

For 125 years, we have helped thousands of homeowners arrange their outdoor space properly. Get a free quote now. Our experts will come to your home to take the initial measurements. Once you have signed the contract, a project manager will come and take the exact measurements.

Here’s why to trust us:

50 years of expertise in design and installation

Our installers advise you from the beginning to the end of your project, from taking measurements to installation, until you are completely satisfied.

Customizable convertible roof pergola

Opt for a custom pergola in Montreal:

  • Single pergola
  • Double pergola
  • Pergola for a patio
  • Modern pergola
  • Aluminum pergola

Choose your materials, your location, and your dimensions, and let us do the rest!

Best installation times in Quebec

We guarantee incomparable delivery and installation service.

Unbeatable price-quality ratio

Take advantage of the most competitive prices and get a free, no-obligation quote. We also offer a range of pergola covers at the best price.

Which canvas pergola to choose?

Finally enjoy your yard while being protected throughout the seasons thanks to Bellon Prestige garden products such as retractable awnings.

The other aspects that should be taken into account for your wood pergola

Une pergola en bois avec toile au milieu d’un jardin

The advantage of a wood pergola is that it blends in very well with the landscaping of a garden. For best results, it’s possible to add vines to the wood fence. It is also very easy to customize.

Depending on your desired finish, there are several different types of treated wood. For those who like to tinker, you can easily make adjustments by cutting wood if you desire.

Although it’s not possible to make a wood pergola yourself, it’s possible to customize it. Depending on the brand you choose, several colours are available. These will blend in well with the house and last over time.

Modern wood pergolas are a good investment if you have a smaller budget. They are well suited to local winters, so you won’t have to worry when it gets cold out.

It’s important to take the type of wood into consideration, because they don’t all have the same quality. The lifespan of a wood pergola also varies according to the maintenance that is done. If it is poorly assembled and maintained, the wood structure could rot and become less sturdy.

Aluminum patio pergolas are more expensive, but also more durable. As they don’t require any maintenance, you will have peace of mind all year round.

Although wood pergolas are the perfect choice for smaller budgets, it is important to consider their installation. Even though it is possible to install one yourself if you are skilled with your hands, it is strongly recommended to call on experienced installers to ensure that the structure holds firmly in place.

Aluminum awnings are heavier and more complex. The purchase therefore includes a delivery and installation service that comes with it. You won’t have to worry about the sturdiness of the structure since it has been installed by experts.

Over the years, the wood can crack or warp, so it is necessary to maintain it in order to have a bend-resisting wood frame. If the wood is already treated, you should run water over it and scrub it with a brush. Take a ladder to climb onto the canopy roof.

For best results, you can apply protective oil to the wood. This will nourish the structure so that it maintains its resistance and limits the appearance of grayish spots.

If you don’t maintain your wood pergola, there is a chance that rot will collect in the structure. If there is too much, the boards will have to be replaced.

It is recommended to apply an insect-repellent treatment to prevent the damage caused by wood-eating insects. The weight of vines can weaken the structure, so it is recommended to prune them once in a while.

To enjoy your modern wood pergola when it rains, you can add a custom canvas. However, you will have to remove this canvas in the winter and store it to keep it in good condition.

A good aluminum pergola will protect you from the rain without having to put anything away during the winter. It requires no maintenance. The only thing you will have to do is place the slats vertically during the winter.

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