What is a custom pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure, often made from aluminum, covered with fabric or equipped with adjustable slats to control the temperature and protection from the sun.

Indeed, it is primarily used to protect yourself from the sun and rain. Add an additional backyard living space and enjoy an extra living area for the family that can be customized with different options.

What are the advantages of custom pergolas?

It’s possible to find a standardized patio shelter at a big box store. However, only a custom-built pergola will totally match your tastes and needs (height, width, colors, materials, etc.).

Groupe Bellon Prestige manufactures your bioclimatic or retractable pergola according to your wishes. We also offer an impressive choice of colors and patterns for your canvas. You therefore obtain a product that fits in perfectly with the design of your home. An undeniable added value for your residence!

You can also get high-quality protection by adding the right accessories. Enhance your comfort and privacy with curtains with integrated rain sensors, a solar canvas, or a patio heater.

In addition, the extruded aluminum structure of our pergolas is sturdy. For a shelter with a good lifespan and a sleek design, choose Bellon Prestige.

If a pergola isn’t suited to your layout, you can still opt for a quality patio awning.

The different types of custom-made pergolas

Our designers create your new comfortable space according to the dimensions of your patio, your tastes, and your needs. To make the best choice for your backyard structure, consult our pergola and outdoor layout specialists.

Permanent pergolas

Installing a permanent custom pergola is an ideal option for everyone. This type of pergola can be supported by the exterior wall of your house. Our pergolas have a sturdy metal structure that offers genuine protection, as do our acrylic or vinyl canvases, which are resistant to UV rays.

Groupe Bellon Prestige also offers a wide range of products and accessories to have a modular design and personalize your outdoor living space.

Wall-mounted retractable pergolas

A wall-mounted retractable pergola is the best solution for a patio or a small outdoor terrace. We also offer a wide range of custom sizes, colors, patterns, and accessories to personalize your retractable canvas. In addition, with a motor and a smart device, you have absolute control over the light under your retractable roof structure. A wise choice to enjoy sunny days as you wish!

Pergolas with adjustable slats

Their structure, consisting of a roof with adjustable slats, allows you to control the sunlight and air currents for optimal comfort. If you prefer a closed roof, you can always choose the option of custom gazebo models.

Maison qui a profité de l’installation sur mesure d’une pergola.

Why choose Groupe Bellon Prestige for custom pergola installation?

Buying a custom pergola is a considerable investment. By doing business with our specialized company, you are sure to receive a durable, resistant, and personalized shelter according to your needs.

Our expertise

Bellon Prestige is more than 125 years of excellence in the manufacture and installation of custom pergolas. Entrust your project to us before the start of the hot season for the most reasonable delivery time.

Our after-sales service

Opting for our service also means the assurance of being supported at all stages in the life of your product. In addition to offering our turnkey manufacture and installation service, here are our other services:

  • Repair
  • Cleaning and waterproofing
  • Storage

Enjoy the summer while staying protected from the elements thanks to a custom pergola of exceptional quality. Bellon Prestige is there to help you design your dream patio with a pergola, a patio awning, or a gazebo.

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