Choose quality without compromise and benefit from tailor-made support. Combining sturdiness and style, discover how Bellon Prestige can transform and enhance your outdoor space while protecting your interior. With our varied collection of window awnings, you will find the perfect choice for your home, whatever type of window you have.

What are the advantages of a custom window awning?

The customized window awning is a popular choice because it offers a multitude of benefits for its owners. Not only do they protect you from the elements, but they also add a stylish touch to your home while making window maintenance easier.

Optimal protection from the elements

In Quebec, where the weather is sometimes unpredictable, a window awning offers effective protection from rain splatter and snow, as well as sun protection in the summer. Now you can keep your windows open even when it’s raining!

This can also be a great way to reduce energy costs by minimizing temperature fluctuations in the summer. Your air conditioning system therefore consumes less, which translates into savings on your power bills.

Aesthetic customization for architectural harmony

Custom awnings integrate elegantly into the architecture of your home or apartment, enhancing its overall appearance. Whether your façade is modern or traditional, whether it has a casement window or a French window, our selection of awnings is designed to perfectly complement your space.

Our awnings don’t settle for adding a stylish touch; they also provide an extra dimension to your property, creating a more welcoming and visually pleasing environment. A custom awning can act as an eye-catching exterior design element, highlighting specific features of your home. It can also harmonize elements of your exterior such as colours or shapes, creating an impression of unity and coherence.

The best quality for your window awnings

Bellon Prestige doesn’t compromise on quality. Each product is designed to withstand the rigours of the climate while maintaining its elegant appearance for many years. For the largest windows, our retractable awning models allow for total modulation of air entry as well as good sun and UV protection, depending on the time of day or the season! The perfect choice for terraces and patios.

Quality materials for increased longevity

Bellon Prestige favours high-quality materials such as extruded aluminum. These materials guarantee:

  • Weather resistance (humidity, snow, strong winds, heat, etc.)
  • Immunity to corrosion
  • Exceptional durability

They are also lightweight, which makes them easier to install and maintain.

Auvent Fenêtre feston battant

Choose professional installation for maximum efficiency

With professional installation carried out by our team, we guarantee safe and durable mounting as well as optimal waterproofing. You thereby eliminate the risks associated with a DIY installation and increase the value of your property. This expertise also allows your outdoor awning to be more effective by taking into account the specific characteristics of your house and its orientation.

In addition, the time saved is a considerable advantage, because a professional has tools and experience for fast installation.

Bellon Prestige: an expert in tailor-made protective awnings

With over a century of experience, Bellon Prestige is the undisputed choice for purchasing a window awning. Our reputation is based on our commitment to providing quality products tailored to each customer.

Our achievements, which can be seen across Quebec, testify to our know-how and our passion for excellence. By choosing Bellon Prestige, you are opting for a company dedicated to perfection, where every detail counts.

A tradition of excellence since 1895

Since its creation in 1895, Groupe Bellon Prestige has always strived to provide quality solutions such as custom awning fabrics, winter awnings for doors or cars, pergolas around Montreal and much more. Our commitment to excellence has never wavered, and our history is testament to our passion for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Car Shelter Storage

Complete service for secure storage

Cleaning and Waterproofing

Restore your investment to its former glory with our cleaning service.

Dedicated customer service for guaranteed satisfaction

Our team, made up of more than 60 passionate professionals, is dedicated to offering you unparalleled service. From complete awning design to installation, we are by your side to meet your expectations throughout the entire process. We understand the importance of responsive after-sales service and are always ready to address your concerns.

High quality

Made in Montreal

After sales service

At your service since 1895

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