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What is a rigid panel?

Rigid panels are the perfect solution for adding a touch of sophistication and firmness to your space.

They are fabrics stretched over aluminum welded frames to close off a space. Our rigid panels are the perfect fusion of curtain and wall, offering a modern, functional design.

Rigid panels are designed for permanent or seasonal attachment. Thanks to their strength and stability, these rigid panels are ideal for closing off a room securely and functionally.

The frame

Groupe Bellon Prestige’s rigid panels are made of welded aluminum, extremely strong and resistant. They are available in 150 colors, making them easy to adapt to any architectural style or exterior design of your home. It’s also possible to leave the frame in its original color, giving it a natural, authentic look.


The canvases used for rigid panels from Groupe Bellon Prestige offer a wide range of possibilities for enhancing your interior. You can choose between two high-quality options: vinyl and acrylic.

Vinyl is available in a wide range of 50 colors, allowing you to select the one that perfectly matches your style and design.

Acrylic, on the other hand, offers even greater variety, with no fewer than 500 colors and patterns available, allowing you to give free rein to your creativity.

Moreover, for an extra touch of brightness and design, you can add a clear vinyl window. This option lets you enjoy natural light while preserving the privacy of your space.

How does Groupe Bellon Prestige organize a made-to-measure landscaping project?

We’re delighted to support you throughout your project, which will be divided into three main stages: ordering, production and installation.

Each of these steps is crucial to ensuring that the end result lives up to your expectations.

In the following section, you’ll find all the details you need to understand how each step works, and how we work to realize your custom project.

To get started, you have the choice of sending us a quote request online or calling us directly. If you choose to call, our customer service team will ask you questions to understand the details of your project. Then, they’ll ask for your contact information so they can assign a specialist in your area. If you prefer online quoting, an expert will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. To give us a better understanding of your project, don’t hesitate to include details and photos. This will enable the specialist to offer you the solutions best suited to your needs.

  • First visit: our team of experts is always happy to come to your home or business to discuss your project with you. Being on site makes it much easier to understand your needs and propose the best solution. What’s more, our experts always have their fabric catalogs on hand, so you can touch them directly to determine which color would best match your outdoor space.
  • Quotation: we’ll then take initial measurements to prepare our quotation. Depending on the scope and size of your project, it may be possible for our specialist to quote on site.
  • Sending the contract: Our landscaping specialist will email you a copy of your quotation with a price. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that our representative can help you.
  • Measurements: Once the quotation has been accepted and the contract signed, we send a project manager to your address to take the exact measurements. Depending on your preferences, you can request an appointment to be present when the project manager comes to take the measurements. Alternatively, we can proceed without an appointment, saving you time and giving you unrivalled peace of mind.
  • Technical drawing: once the measurements have been taken, our project manager prepares a technical drawing of the project.

Our installation manager and dispatcher will call you to discuss the best time for installation. Again, depending on your preference, you can ask to be present at the installation or not.

Discover our post-installation services for your landscaping products

Properly maintained, your investment can last more than a decade. To take good care of it, we offer a number of after-sales services such as storage, cleaning and waterproofing.

Cleaning and Waterproofing

Restore your investment to its former glory with our cleaning service.


Before buying a new canvas, opt for the repair.

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