All our winter car shelters are designed right here in our local factory. The structures are assembled and welded to last several decades. Our high quality canvases and fabrics are also thicker and more resistant than our competition’s. No matter the size of your project, our shelters are also made to measure. This allows them to perfectly match your driveway’s dimensions and the different accesses of your house and your property.

If you look at the calendar out of the corner of your eye and hope to see it jump to April, rest assured. Despite the bad weather, our winter car shelters in Montreal will help you regain your taste for the season! Say goodbye to heavy winter tasks like shoveling by having a winter car shelter installed at your home. Our residential winter car shelters in Montreal are perfect for the elderly or those with reduced mobility, but also for anyone wishing to avoid intense physical activity such as shoveling.

Our company is also over 120 years of experience in the field. So we have the expertise to design and manufacture all the awnings and shelters you need. If you need to store your car shelter at the end of the winter, we can offer to store them in our heated, insured and secure premises. When you buy with us, we also offer an installation and removal service for you in the winter and spring.

Consult our experts today and discover all types of winter shelters car possible. You can also combine our shelters to make hybrid shelters and offer yourself unbeatable winter protection for all your entrances and pedestrian crossings.

What is a residential winter shelter in Montreal?

A winter shelter is a shelter that has been designed to protect you, your entrances and pedestrian crossings and your vehicles from winter’s bad weather. Bellon Prestige Group’s winter car shelters in Montréal are designed with a welded or extruded aluminum structure. It is then attached to the wall of a house and covered with a polyethylene fabric treated against UV rays.

In addition, all our canvases and fabrics are thicker than our competitors, which allows us to offer you canvases of lasting durability. It’s also why we are able to guarantee the canvas and structure for 1 year.

The anchors used by our team to stabilize the structure are:

concrete blocks
permancres for asphalt and paving stones
To install a winter car shelter in Montreal, nothing’s easier. Start by asking your neighbourhood for the restrictions and regulations in force, then contact us! Our team is happy to help you.

Tempo Style Shelters

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best-known winter car shelter of all. This shelter is mainly used to cover and protect your vehicles during the winter season. We offer them in the desired dimensions and you can also customize them with additional accessories, such as doors, windows and mail box. You can also combine them with other types of shelters offered by us, such as the bridge shelter to offer you maximum protection against the vagaries of the climate.

Bridge type winter shelters

From your car to your front door, the bridge-type winter shelter in Montreal protects you from snow, rain, wind and ice. They are ideal for people with reduced mobility or disabilities to protect their movements. Like most of our shelters, they are customizable and can be combined to create a high-performance hybrid shelter.

Carport shelters

Carport winter shelters in Montreal are installed along an exterior wall. They are used primarily to protect your vehicles and pedestrian crossings against the Quebec winter’s many snowfalls. They are also customizable, can be combined with other types of shelters and offer you effective protection of your pedestrian spaces along your house.

Residential winter shelters for the disabled

For people with disabilities or reduced mobility, we offer a specialized winter shelter design service in Montreal. All our shelters are custom designed to cover your structures and the surfaces related to your movements. Lifts, wheelchair access ramp will be protected for the winter season thanks to our winter car shelters in Montreal safe and adapted.

Oversized shelters

We also offer oversized shelters, large and very large, to cover your vehicles, equipment, boats, recreational vehicles, 4 wheels, watercraft, snowmobiles, tools, firewood, swimming pools, BBQ and more. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all we can cover and protect from the winter with our oversized shelters.

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