Custom awning, shelter and canvas repair

You are looking for the ideal company to repair custom awnings, shelters, and canvases? Don’t search anymore. Our team is happy to help you.

It is getting cold and you’re thinking of closing your patio soon? If you have a 3 seasons awning or 3 seasons curtains, it’s important to remove them for the winter. Winter has weather conditions that can damage your canvas, such as rain, snow, and wind.

When the time comes to uninstall your awning, you can call on Groupe Bellon Prestige to help you. By calling on our professionals to uninstall your awning, you save time and avoid the risk of tearing.

Although you can replace your canvas in the event of a tear, it’s preferable to repair it to extend its life. Discover our custom awning, shelter, and canvas repair service.

How is awning, shelter and canvas repair with Groupe Bellon Prestige?

Our Montreal offices are delighted to welcome you. You can bring the damaged canvas directly to our company. When we receive your canvas, our customer service managers will take care of you to start the process.

To make your job easier, you can also ask our team of awning experts to pick up your damaged canvas at your home or business. To do this, simply call us directly or request a quote. Our customer service team will follow up to determine the ideal moment to pick up the canvas. 

Our team of craftsmen will then proceed with an inspection. The canvas will be fully enrolled in our large 35,000 square foot factory and every nook and cranny will be inspected. Before repairing the awning, our craftsmen make sure to see the breaks and understand the nature of the breaks, as well as taking notes for their report.

From the craftsman inspection report, our customer service team will prepare an estimate and send it to you by email. It can also be communicated by phone if that is your preference. No awning repairs will begin without your approval.

Once we have your approval, we do the awning repair in our large heated, insured and secure factory. Once the awning repair is complete, our quality inspector ensures that the job has been done.

We will then notify you that the repairs to your investment have been completed. You can pick it up at our offices or we can reinstall it at your home or establishment.

If it is impossible to repair my awning, shelter or canvas, what should I do?

Sometimes after the inspection, we find that no repair aimed at preserving and extending the life of your awning is possible. In this case, we will suggest you cover your awning or replace your shelter’s canvas. 

We have a selection of over 500 fabrics. If your tastes have changed and you wish to display a new color for your awning, our canvas experts will be able to guide you in this choice. 

Lawn Umbrella Reparation

In our large workshop, we also repair the majority of quality parasols.

Why trust Groupe Bellon Prestige?

Since 1895, our team of awning, shelter, and canvas experts has helped many residential and commercial owners with their awnings. Our craftsmen have the necessary experience and know-how to extend the life of your canvas. No matter the dimensions of your canvas, we are able to treat it well in our 35,000 square foot factory.

Doing awning repair is a good way to extend its life and save money. Replacing a canvas can be expensive while the repair is economical and allows you to enjoy your investment longer.

In addition, awning repair allows you to benefit from your investment as quickly as possible. Our competent experts repair the fabrics very quickly. By having them repaired, you can bask under your awning longer.

If you have any questions about our custom awning, shelter, and canvas repair service, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be happy to take your call. 

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