Do like many other Montreal homeowners have done and choose our team of specialists! Our experienced designers help you bring your vision to life and transform your outdoor space according to your tastes and needs.

Why equip yourself with a gazebo in Montreal?

Investing in a custom gazebo is a major investment, but one that has many benefits.

Benefits of installing a custom gazebo in Montreal

  • Aesthetics: Bellon Prestige offers more than 500 fabric colors and patterns, allowing you to personalize your yard to the maximum. Say goodbye to the boring patterns and colors found in big box stores. The ideal gazebo is the one that matches your decor and your preferences. You can also look into gazebo garden shelters if this option better meets your needs.
  • Protection from the sun: Adding a gazebo lets you enjoy the sun and the nice temperatures, but also limit your exposure to UV rays. Enjoy the summer safely by setting up your patio before the start of the hot season.
  • An additional living space: Custom sun shelter design in Montreal lets you arrange your outdoor space in an optimal way. A custom project is therefore ideal whether you want your own relaxation space or a place to entertain your guests comfortably.

The different types of gazebos in Montreal

Bellon Prestige offers you different gazebo and pergola styles for different types of patios. We offer attractive options for the smallest patios and for those with unique shapes.

Our different types of outdoor gazebos available in Montreal

Canvas gazebos

We offer a variety of canvas pergolas, which are available in two different materials: vinyl and acrylic. The vinyl canvas is available in a choice of 50 colours, which makes it easy for you to find an option that perfectly matches your tastes and exterior decor.

On the other hand, if you choose acrylic canvas, you can benefit from an even wider selection of more than 500 different colours and patterns to customize your purchase and create a gazebo that is truly unique.

Gazebos with adjustable slats

In addition to our selection of canvas gazebos, we also offer outdoor gazebos with adjustable slats that offer a high degree of functionality. You can create a comfortable and functional outdoor living space to enjoy your backyard oasis all year long in privacy.

Whether you’re looking for a practical gazebo to protect yourself from the sun or a spectacular permanent structure for your yard, we have what you need to meet all your needs.

Our aluminum roof gazebos in Montreal

This modern and durable product is a popular choice among patio owners. Made to measure according to your needs and preferences, it takes the shape, colour, and style that you want. An exciting project to create a brand-new, more enjoyable patio on nice days!

We offer fabric gazebo models or those equipped with an adjustable slat system (bioclimatic pergolas). A type of project aimed at those who want to have control over the sunlight and temperature under their gazebo!

Vue latérale d’une pergola à Montréal dans le jardin d’une maison.

Why choose Bellon Prestige to manufacture your gazebo in Montreal?

Designing a custom outdoor project is an ambitious project, so it’s important to entrust it to a team of experts in which you can have complete confidence.

Local experience in Montreal

Established over 125 years ago, Bellon Prestige is a true leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom outdoor structures. We are familiar with the weather conditions in Quebec. Our team therefore offers you products that will allow you to enjoy life while being protected from the elements.

Choose quality

Bellon Prestige quality goes far beyond the materials. We offer outstanding customer service and many services to ensure a good lifespan for your purchase:

  • Cleaning and waterproofing
  • Repair
  • Storage

To design your gazebo in Montreal, trust Bellon Prestige. If you have any questions about gazebos, contact our outdoor layout specialists to start your project before the hot season and ensure prompt delivery!

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